Amazing New Year Rituals around the World

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When we start discussing New Year rituals around the world, we would have to admit that travelling is the commonest ritual which brackets a whole lot of people in the same category around the world. The week starting from Christmas and concluding with the advent of the New Year is referred to as that time of the year when most people choose to travel. With the introduction of the online travel agencies, this ritual has been propelled especially due to the presence of business class flight deals which leads to amazing discounts on business class tickets. Thus, this serves multiple purposes. There will always be a lot of people who travel to meet their wanderlust and learn about different cultures around the world. But then, there would be few whose dream is to travel business class at least once in life. With the availability of cheap business class airfare through the above-mentioned deals, even they are now eligible to travel business class which increases the traffic even more.

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Before finalising your business class deals, what you would primarily require is to take a call on which part of the planet you would like to visit. The New Year is welcomed by different types of rituals in different countries. This discourse would definitely make your decision making, regarding the place of your travel this year easier. There are a few amazing rituals through which the advent of the New Year is celebrated in different countries like in Mexico people who desire to travel run in and out of their doors 12 times, suitcase in hand to welcome New Year. Then, pots and pans are banged loudly by the villagers in the Philippines in order to drive away all the evil. The coastal clans of Brazil jump over 7 waves to make 7 wishes. The Chinese celebrate New Year on 7th February as they use the Lunar Calendar. The Germans bite into jelly doughnuts and the one who bites the doughnut with mustard is ensured good luck as per the tradition. Families in Colombia make and burn a doll stuffed with earlier year clothes and fireworks as a ritual. Similar rituals are seen in Sweden and Finland where molten steel is poured into water keeping in mind that the shape it would take is symbolic to what the year has in store.

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Thus, there are as many rituals as there are countries. Travelling around the world would really give us a whole new dimension of knowledge in relation to these activities in a special time of the year. These are only a few examples that we have assembled together. There are thousands of other rituals which might sound even more interesting. But the requirement is simple. You must primarily set off for the voyage as apart from a travel nothing would give you a first-hand experience of these amazing facts of the world. You might read them or even find a few videos on the internet, but at the end of the day an experience which you have enjoyed live will remain in your memory for the longest time rather than watching a pirated copy of somebody else’s first-hand enjoyment.

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