Overcome being alone at Christmas by travelling to exotic destinations

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when you are surrounded by friends and family. All the traditions such as decorating the Christmas tree, buying and exchanging presents, baking cookies etc. are intended to be done in a group or in pairs. However, if you are on your own for the holidays these activities tend to have quite a depressive effect. So, instead of staying at home feeling sorry for yourself while everyone around you is filled with joy, why not try something different and treat yourself to an unforgettable adventure, that a trip to a country filled with sunny beaches and exotic experiences is?


As soon as you arrive here, you will forget all about feeling sad since Thailand is known as the ‘’land of smiles’’. Enjoy Thai food, sunny beaches and a unique culture that Thailand offers. One other interesting aspect is bonding with tigers. They are very cute and friendly and I guarantee they will put you in a good mood.

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Another great place to forget about the cold winter – with its breathtaking natural treasures – is Indonesia. Admire beautiful sceneries and huge active volcanoes while exploring different Indonesian islands. You can even spend a night at one of the deserted islands making it a night to remember. It is said that one lifetime is not enough to see all the wonders of nature in Indonesia, so better do some research before you start or you will find yourself lacking time to do it all.

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If you want to feel warm inside as well as out, Mexico is the place to be. Stunning nature includes the beautiful Caribbean Sea and wonderful caves filled with water so clear that it enables you to see even the slightest details under you. People are kindhearted and very friendly, especially in the lovely city of Puebla. Puebla has a lot to offer in terms of local food, drinks and places of entertainment. My personal favourite was mole poblano, a sauce that contains chocolate, peanuts, almonds and very spicy chilies.

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French Polynesia

You can find the world’s most beautiful beaches in the islands of French Polynesia. This is an excellent place to escape to from Christmas depression at home. My ideal place is definitely Tetiaroa, a small piece of Heaven on Earth near Tahiti. Clear water and divine beaches will dazzle you completely. Plus, when you get tired of lying on the beach, try some of the amazing features of an all-inclusive luxury resort The Brando.

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Being one of the least religious countries in the world, Vietnam is an excellent place for avoiding Christmas. Hanoi is a beautiful city with a great variety of museums and temples that will give you an out of the ordinary experience. In addition, if you would like to relax instead of exploring the city, you can have a soothing walk by the Hoan Kiem Lake where local residents practice t’ai chi every morning.

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If you still want to celebrate Christmas, only without the freezing and lonely home atmosphere, you can do it in Hawaii and make it completely different: A tropical Christmas. Hawaii has the most amazing tree lighting ceremonies and Christmas parades and when you are done with them, you need to check out its sights and attractions, go surfing or just lay on the beach.

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In summary, it is always important to know that you have options. There is no reason to torture yourself by staying at home for Christmas if that is something you will not enjoy. So next time you start feeling down before Christmas, just get your passport and pick a destination!

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