A Perfect Location for A Weekend Getaway With the Family

Convincing kids to partake in a family getaway is always challenging. Teens, in particular, develop their unique interests and are not keen on joining the family for a vacation as they would rather be with friends or spend time on social media. But a weekend trip to Branson will change their mind. This city is a popular destination for families looking for a quick getaway due to its options for family-friendly activities. Your teen won’t be rolling their eyes once they get to experience what Branson has in store for them.

But what is it about Branson that makes it a perfect location for your family’s weekend getaway?

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Scenic Ozark

The beautiful Ozark Mountain provides the ideal backdrop for your family’s weekend getaway. Whether you want to simply enjoy the scenic views or want to go on an outdoor adventure, the Ozark Mountains provide the perfect venue for that.

Teens will have a fun time doing various activities in and near the Ozark Mountains in Branson. You can start your adventure at the Branson Scenic Railway. This 40-mile train ride takes you through the Ozark country. This vintage train ride is popular with families because kids enjoy sight-seeing and riding vintage trains. Hence, you can enjoy both with the Branson Scenic Railway. When you visit during the holidays (from November to December), the trains are filled with Christmas decorations that make it even more popular with families.

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Water Adventure

If there is anything that kids love more than sight-seeing, you can enjoy water adventures in Branson. Its strategic location near the Table Rock Lake is another reason why it is popular with tourists, especially with families. Camping near the Table Rock Lake is a great activity for the entire family, particularly when you want to relax.

Aside from camping, you can also do a wide range of water activities that you can choose from based on your interest. Popular water activities on the lake include boating, fishing, kayaking and swimming. When you bring your family and kids to the lake, you can let them pick what activities they want to enjoy. This will make the experience more fun and exciting for them! For the younger kids, the Camp Table Rock Lake has playgrounds that they can use.

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Musical Shows and Theatrical Plays

Branson is a city popular for its musical shows and theater industry. Therefore, you need to get your kids to catch a show during your time in Branson. There are several theaters in Branson that holds weekly shows, particularly during weekends. Hence, you should grab at the opportunity to catch one of these shows while you are staying in Branson for a quick weekend getaway. Moreover, there are numerous festivals and concerts held in Branson all year round. You can, therefore, catch a live event with your family during your visit.

Branson further cements its status as a must-visit weekend getaway location for families. It provides a host of family-friendly activities and destinations that will make it worth time you spend. In fact, your kids might fall in love with Branson!

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Article submitted  by April Yap

April is an online publisher for The Cabins at Grand Mountain in Branson, MO. She often writes about camping and log cabin experiences.