The Philippine Surfing Scene

Summer is coming and that means you have to start planning trips with your friends and make the most the sun has to offer. Thanks to places like Tablas Island resort it is so much easier to find accommodation in different beaches. One activity that is definitely a must try this summer is surfing. The surfing scene in the Philippines has been increasing in popularity thanks to the rise of local beaches supporting the sport. Now, both local and international surfers travel around the archipelago finding the perfect surfing spot. Peak months range from August to November but there are times that the waves start picking up as early as June.

An experienced surfer will always want to have certain essentials for the surfing scene in these spots.

Siargao, Surigao Del Norte

Siargao houses the popular surfing spot, Cloud Nine. Cloud Nine is the venue for many surf competitions and is known for its strong waves, it’s sometimes considered by many as the best waves in the Philippines. Due to the strength of the waves here, it is not a recommended spot for beginners, though there are other surf spots in the area. Visiting these other spots is good also because Cloud Nine’s popularity has attracted a crowd to the area.

Baler, Aurora

If you are located in the city of Manila and what you need is a quick weekend getaway Baler could be the place for you. It will take you a few hours drive from Manila and you can find yourself in destination made for surfing, with surfing spots like Sabang Beach, Cemento, Charlie’s Point and Lily’s point you won’t run out of room no matter the crowd. Bear in mind that these spots aren’t that friendly for beginners so gain a bit more experienced before deciding to make a visit.

Puruan, Catanduanes

Bicol is not just known for whale sharks and waterfalls, it has also garnered a reputation of being a surfer’s destination. It will take some effort to get to the island but it’s well worth it. If you are an experienced surfer and looking for a challenge, the Majestics wave is the wave for you. This strong and fast moving beast is paired with a dangerous jagged reef, you should be very weary when trying to conquer these waves. If you are still up for the challenge, try visiting between July to November to get the most out of your trip.

San Juan, La Union

With spots like the Beach Break, the Bowl and the Point, San Juan has easily become a surfer’s paradise. Whether you are experienced or not this is a spot you have to visit, especially because this is where the Billabong San Juan Surf School of Luke Landrigan is located. Perfect chance for you to up your surfing game and experience long boarding if you haven’t. Timing is also quite different but at the same time perfect for your Christmas vacation, with waves at its best from December to January.

Thanks to the popularity of surfing, more and more spots have been popping up and surfing is not strictly for the summer anymore. There are now surfing destinations year round and it is no longer troublesome to get to these places because of the infrastructure popping up with it. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert surfing has become an accessible sport that you can’t miss out on.

Laurel Santos may be a 24 year old adult but at her core she is just a little girl full of wonder. She lives in the city and works as a freelance photographer in the Philippines. She manages a small pet shop inside her village. She has a big heart for animals, especially stray dogs. She is an avid traveller because she believes that life is not lived within the borders of your own home.  Despite her busy schedule she always finds time to do one thing that she is very passionate about and that is writing.

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