You’re planning a last minute Christmas break? Try a new place and travel to Greece!

I am sure you hadn’t even considered this option. If you think Greece is just a summer destination, let me show you another aspect of this beautiful country. Surprise your friends and try something new.

Assuming your slogan is “no Christmas getaway without my ski”,   here’s a good tip for you: at least twenty five ski-resorts, like the famous Mount Parnassos, Kalavrita  in the Peloponese mountains or Karpenisi,  in the southern part of Pindus mountains, also called the Switzerland of Greece, propose a total of 197.5 km of ski slopes for all levels and a great after-ski life for prices far much cheaper than the French or Italian ski resorts in the same period.

Where can you ski in the morning, have lunch along the shore, visit an archaeological site in the afternoon, party in a trendy bar in the evening and sleep in a boutique hotel in a picturesque village all in the same day? The answer is Mount Parnassos…

mountains in greece

The Parnassos Ski Center, located on the peaks of Kelaria (1750m) , Fterolakas (1950m) and Gerondovrachos,   operates from December until the beginning of May. It is probably the biggest and best organised ski-resort in the country.  Nineteen runs, named after Greek Gods like Hermes or Aphrodite, with a total of 36km, seven ski routes, ten trails and three mini beginner runs, two cafe-chalets and a restaurant, ski and snowboard schools, stores for ski and snowboard equipment rental and a playground for children, who could ask for more to fully enjoy a ski holiday in the country of Gods…

Be aware that Mount Parnassos is the closest ski center to Athens.  It makes it easily reachable, which is an asset, but many Athenians choose it for a week-end getaway…  So I will give you a tip: you can ski during the week, when it is less crowded and during the weekend, you discover the cultural richness nearby:  the well-know and spectacular Delphi, the ruins of the temples and the museum with the famous charioteer, but also the archeological sites of Orchomenos or the Acropopolis of Panopeus. Sport and history can be compatible in Greece!

Is there a life after ski on Mount Parnassos? Yes, of course. Go and visit the charming village of Arachova. How would I describe it? Both cosmopolitan and traditional. Trendy places, shops and boutique hotels side by side with pure Greek restaurants and  taverns. My favorite one is “To fasouli”, at the entrance of Arachova. It offers excellent Greek food and stunning views. Admire the grey stone houses, walk through the narrow cobblestone streets, climb the many steps, until you find the magnificent scenery in front of you.

Tymfristos near Karpenissi, Mainalos in Vytina, Vasilitsa in Grevena, Hania in Pelion: impossible to mention all the ski resorts you can visit in Greece, but I hope this article has opened your eyes. I’ve traveled all over Greece many times in my life.  Its natural beauty and cultural richness are unlimited.


Author: this article is written by Muriel Rammos-Vignol, who is manager of holiday villas in Greece. She also owns a villa in Skiathos-Greece and is an active blogger for holiday vacations in Greece