6 Easy Ways To Start A Travel Blog

With the latest technological advancements coming into play, travelling has never been so easy. You can book a flight, purchase a tour or make a hotel reservation in just a matter of seconds. The emergence of travel apps, social media platforms, and gadgets has pushed this #wanderlust trend.

But along with the travel trend taking the spotlight in this generation, travel blogging has also become a popular thing these days. In fact, you don’t need to be a professional writer to become a travel blogger because all you need is a travel story to tell.

If you’re a travel enthusiast who wants to hop on this craze, here are some blogging platforms/apps where you can channel that inner blogger in you. No websites, no domains, and no hosting expenses but just plain travel blogging where you can share your stories with the rest of the world.

1. Track That Travel

Whether you’re a casual blogger or someone who’s starting to build a brand, Track That Travel is the perfect travel blogging platform to share all your stories. It’s 100% free and they have a rewards system that allows users to earn as much as $100/blog. Rewards are sent directly to a user’s PayPal account once a threshold is reached.

You’ll even have your own profile where you can connect your social media accounts and you can also keep track of your statistics with their analytics dashboard. The platform is still young and there could be more opportunities to grow like having an affiliate program where users can make more money through ads. But overall, this platform is a good start for anyone who just wants to fuel that passion for blogging.

Track That Travel Sample Profile

2. Travelbook

This platform is more of a booking website but you can also document your travels here. The only problem is that you can’t write about your adventures but you can share pictures and videos on your profile.

Basically, whenever a user posts about his/her adventures, website visitors will see them and they’ll be able to book a trip through your profile. However, Travelbook doesn’t offer monetization opportunities for now since it’s still in Beta Stage. The only upside is it’s free and its user interface is very convenient for people.

Travel Book Sample Profile

3. Atameo

Atameo is a combination of a social media platform and a travel blogging platform. A user’s profile is laid out in a timeline where he can update his whereabouts in real-time. You’ll be able to connect one destination to another and even upload pictures, videos, blogs, and music along with it.

For example, if you’re travelling to Europe, you can link the hotels, restaurants, airports, and other stopovers you’ve visited in chronological order. There are no monetization opportunities but it’s a very neat platform and they have an app version of it so it’s pretty handy when you’re on-the-go.

Atameo Sample Profile

4. World Nomads

World Nomads is a travel insurance website but users will also be able to blog on their site as well. You won’t have a profile but you can register as one of their contributors and write just about anything that’s travel-related.

There is no analytics dashboard or monetization opportunities for this platform but it does have a forum where you can connect and ask travellers from all over the world. You won’t be able to scale your blogging career here but it’s a good site to establish connections and just share your adventures.

World Nomads Home Page

5. IQplanner

Just like Travelbook, IQ Planner is also a booking website but the only difference is that it has an affiliate program where users can earn up to 70% commission. How it works is that whenever a user blogs about his/her travels, it will be featured on the website then visitors would be able to book through them.

Your profile would look like a timeline where all the details of your trip are laid out. Your blogs basically look like an itinerary that people can use on their own trips. This platform is perfect for casual bloggers and professional bloggers since it does have a decent compensation system.

IQ Planner Sample Profile

6. Photler

This platform is a website builder just like Wordpress and Blogger, however, it’s less complicated because of its drag-and-drop features. You will get a 7-day free trial for all three plans once you sign up and you need to upgrade your account once the trial expires to avoid losing your content. Once your account is upgraded, you will have more storage and you can have a custom domain of your own.

Photler targets the photography community which is why its user interface is very visual. The website templates highlight photos more compared to text. Its main goal is to provide photographers with an online portfolio/marketplace where they could sell their work.

Photler Sample Profile

If you’re planning a trip, make sure you document those awesome adventures of yours with one of these platforms. Be a travel ambassador in your own way and let the world know how fun it is to travel.

Author Bio

Jestan Mendame is a freelance travel blogger and copywriter. He loves to blog about the places he’s been to and one of his main goals is to explore all of South East Asia. Follow him and his adventures on weduit.fun.

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