11 Reasons to go on a safari Trip in African Countries

Everybody urge to have an amazing vacation what else anyone need? A trip filled with fun and affordable too. If you are looking for something exciting then what can be better than a safari trip to African countries. This trip would not only be exciting for you, it shall fascinate your children too. Animals always attract kids as they are of different colors and different species. Just take some time out from the hustle and bustle of your life and enjoy the adventures of safari trip. There are 11 reasons which will fascinate you to go on a safari Trip.

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1. Safari Tour in Madagascar:

Madagascar is the area of southeast coast of Africa and it is called as the home of animals and species. It is the fourth largest Island in the world.  It consists of the most beautiful landscapes and rainforests. Because of the unique diversity in species scientists call this land as the eighth continent .Many animals that are not to be found anywhere, they are found on this island. The animals living here are wild and beautiful. Madagascar safari park is considered as the top parks of safari, as their tours are adventurous and thrilling. They are considered as best in security and safety as you can easily enjoy the perks of being a safari tourist. What can be more fascinating that you are in the car, and the animals are roaming freely here and there in the bushes, and it gets more thrilling when the animal, especially a lion comes out of the bush and roars?

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2. Sakamanga Hotel:

If you are in Madagascar and thinking to have an amazing and comfortable stay and this hotel would be the best for you as their service is amazing and their cuisine is the most delightful. One can stay there and have the most of safari trips.

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3. Kirindi Mitea National Park

The most unique species are found in this park and it is considered as the most adventurous park of Madagascar. The climate of this landscape is hot and humid so this park protects the wildlife and has the most safari tours in Africa. As people enjoy having adventurous tours and these wild creatures are intriguing, one cannot ignore them. Thus, Safari tours are one of those which shall arouse your happiness.

4. Zimbabwe Safari Tour:

Zimbabwe is blessed with the most stunning waterfalls; striking scenery full of sunshine. If one needs to go on a vacation this can be the right place because coming to Zimbabwe would lead to the nurturing scenes of the natural beauty which refresh the soul. Once you decided to visit Zimbabwe the most exciting part would be there safari Tours enjoy the ride.

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5. Hwange National Park

This park consists of huge herds of elephants, and high wildlife densities, they offer game drives and walking safaris.

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6. Matobo Hills National Park

A paramount of greenery, a park which has stunning scenery and the land which consists of many safari rides across the hillside and many other protective games. The park has the best rides on safari and it gets more and more adventurous when the rides cross hills and the excitement grew more and more like you would be thrilled after seeing a unique animal across your ride. The breathtaking blind spots are the waterfalls, which comes along the ride too.

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7. Hot Air Balloon Ride

This Ride is the most thrilling one. It fascinates the tourists and arouses their attraction towards the nature. A ride in the air will give you the opportunity to see everything clear and to observe the tiny parts of nature. Just imagine how intriguing it can be the nurturing scenes, the skies, and beautiful landscapes and you can see it all from above, so high up in the sky. This ride is given into South Africa where the tourists enjoy this in the safari park too. The people who want some real fun up in the air can take this hot balloon ride, the fun begins here.

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8. Victoria Falls Zambia

Zambia is famous for the waterfalls; the first sight is amazing and breathtaking. Victoria Falls is known as “Seven Natural Wonders of the World.” As it is surrounded by such thrilling activities like elephant back safaris and Zambezi River cruises and then next to there is a safari park south luanga national park. This has the most thrilling rides. The ride gives the leopard sightings as this is the most wanted moment for tourists. The wilderness areas are abundant with the diverse plants, trees, vegetation, wildlife and birds. Zambia national parks are precious natural resource among the wildlife and human life.

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9. Kafue National Park

This park is the largest park in Zambia, having more than 55 species of animals. The reason behind the name of this park is the Kafue River. The majestic wildlife which has been protected by the park is simply remarkable .Day by day the park was well-managed and there was an increase of safari camps and many other gaming activities.

10. Safaris and Foods

Food is a thing everybody is fond of no matter if you are planning to go for a safari trip. South Africa has some enriched foods with the delightful taste one must try Cape Malay curry. The most amazing curry enriched with spices. These aromatic spices such as cinnamon, saffron, turmeric, and chilies are used in this curry to turn the magic on.

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11. The Diverse Wildlife:

What makes you super excited? When you see something out of the blue and then it vanishes. One urges to see that again. South Africa is the place where you can see many weird animals and they would be in front of you probably eating or playing in the bushes. African countries have protected these animals and hence, they are the most alluring creatures. One must have the curiosity to look them. The most amazing are Bush Viper and Okapi.

Bush Viper “Athiris hispida” is known as the most venomous snake and it is found in the tropical areas of South Africa. They eat Rodents, Lizards and other snakes too.

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The other strange animal is Okapi

It has striped markings just like the giraffe, and mostly it is found in South Africa.