11 Reasons to visit Cape Verde

Whether you’re an adrenaline junky or looking to have a nice relaxing time, Cape Verde Sal is the perfect place to go this holiday season. Located just under 400 miles off the coast of Africa, Cape Verde is made up of over a dozen islands and islets and offers a wide range of activities to do there. Here are 11 reasons why you should go to Cape Verde Sal:

1. Hike up a volcano:

Cape Verde allows you to come face to face with an active volcano, better than that it allows you to hike the thing. All you need to do is take a ferry from Praia or Brava to Fogo and ensure there’s no lava coming down the side, and you’ll be on your way.

Cape Verde volcano

2. Some of the best kite surfing experience:

So maybe hiking doesn’t tickle your fancy, and you want something more exhilarating that gets your blood pumping. Cape Verde provides one of the best kite surfing experiences in the world. Situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with ample wind flow, Cape Verde is a kite surfer’s paradise. Sun, sea, sand, wind and turtles are just a few reasons that make up this  kitesurfing heaven. There are plenty of kitesurfing schools to choose from if you’ve ever fancied giving it a go. One English speaking school which comes highly recommend is Surf Hub.

kitsurfing in cape verde

3. Enjoy freshly caught seafood:

Like mentioned before, Cape Verde is located in the middle of the Atlantic, ample wind all year round isn’t its only advantage. The islands are teeming with marine wildlife and you can enjoy them in a delicious cuisine. Some of the specialities of the area include tuna and freshly caught lobster. The restaurants on the islands often specialise in seafood, and you’ll often find it cooked in Portuguese, Creole, and French styles.

Cave Verde fresh fish

4. Blast from the past:

Cape Verde is filled with ancient architecture from the 16th and 17th centuries, a treat for history buffs. There are several structures from that time period, but the main attraction for most people is the Fortaleza Real de San Felipe in Cidade Vehla, a giant old Portuguese fort complete with cannons. Other attractions to discover include the ruins of the 16th century Se Catedral and the Convento de Sao Francisco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

cape verde old fort

5. Catch some waves:

Cape Verde has numerous beaches, and with beaches, there is always surfing. With over a dozen islands, and numerous of beaches Cape Verde Sal is a surfer’s dream come true. While the old school surfing isn’t as exciting as kite surfing, it will still get your blood pumping successfully. The best time to go is between November and March, which happens to be now!

Surfing in Cape Verde

6. Dive, Dive, Dive!:

Diving is something you can do all over the world, yes; but in Cape Verde, it’s a whole other experience as you can see plenty of coral and a variety of fish. In fact, Boa Vista is one of the largest nesting places for loggerhead turtles on the planet!

dive in cape verde

7. Journey into the Mountains:

Water related activities aren’t the only things for which you’d want to visit Cape Verde. The place has some breathtaking vistas as well, the mountains on the islands go way beyond Fogo, and you can find a great place for a trek at almost any turn. The islands themselves aren’t that big, and you can explore most of them provided you rent a car and have the time.

8. Bird watching:

There’s something special about watching a bird fly, us humans have always wanted to be able to fly and watching them do so, puts us at peace; if anything they are beautiful creatures with beautiful chirping voices. If you also believe so, then you’re in luck as Cape Verde is home to over 160 bird species. In fact, there are several endemic species native only to the country, and take my word for it, they are a sight to see.

bird watching in cape verde

9. Soak up the Culture:

While most of the tourists tend to stick to Sal or Boa Vista, as most of the tourist’s resorts are based over there. But the real culture of the islands is on Santiago and the town of Praia, which are rich with local culture. The old town has great houses from the colonial era, and sitting at a cafe and people watching is a great way to pass the day. In order to make most of your trip, be sure to explore the narrow streets of Mercado de Sucupira where you can find the best deals on local clothing and trinkets.

10. Quad Biking on the Sand Dunes:

If water sports don’t tickle your fancy, but you still seek some activity that will have your heart racing, then you can go quad biking in Cape Verde. With 55km of coastline, where the island of Boa Vista is famed for its spectacular beaches and untouched natural beauty, its true pull is its desert interiors. Accounting for around a third of the island, the Viana Desert is made up of picture perfect dunes that are the ultimate playground for quad biking and 4×4 safaris. Unleash your inner speed demon on this dune. Sal or Boa Vista offer great places to hit  that adrenaline spot.

quadbiking in Cape Verde

11. Lounge up on the beach:

If all the activities I listed don’t do anything for you, then you can just sit back, relax, and lounge on the beach. The beaches offer a great place to unwind, lie down and soak up the sunshine, as you enjoy your tropical drink. There are also plenty of beach resorts where you can just make your way from your room to the white, soft sand, every day if that’s what suits you.

Cape Verde white sands

So there you have it folks, 11 good reasons to visit Cape Verde Sal. I can guarantee that you’ll want to go there for at least one of these things, and if these didn’t convince you to go to Cape Verde Sal for your vacation,  Then maybe, an evening horse ride along the white sands watching the sunset, still not? Then I don’t know what will.


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