Ten Reasons to Visit Vietnam

One of the most amazing things about Asia is that you get this huge diversity of cultures representing different countries. If we move towards the eastern side of Asia we find the mystical land of Vietnam. Vietnam is a country blessed with wonderful landscapes, beautiful people, colourful culture and the uniqueness of being a loving country. It is true that Vietnam has been a major tourist destination since the 1990’s and it continues to be so, during last year alone 4 million tourists visited Vietnam.

Vietnam is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destination of all times, but why is Vietnam a must-go destination? Here are 10 tempting reasons to pack your bags and visit Vietnam!

1. The Beaches of Vietnam:

Relaxation is obviously a huge requirement when it comes to enjoying your vacations and this is exactly what Vietnam offer. The splendid beaches are the best in Vietnam, Danang and Nha Trang are some of the famous cities of Vietnam. The sandy exotic beaches of the two cities are some of the best in world.

Beaches of Vietnam

2. Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park:

Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park is the national park of Vietnam and a UNESCO world heritage site. The park is one of the most important symbols or rather is the identity of Vietnam and represents the roots of Vietnamese culture. Surrounded by the limestone forest the park has around 300 caves and karsts carved due to limestone. It truly is a wonderful experience to visit this historical park.

Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park vietnam

3. The Limestone Mountains:

In the South of Da Nang city, you will witness an extraordinary sight, a cluster of five mountains made from limestone and marble. Collectively they are known as the Limestone Mountains, of course, it’s a treat to just look at them in the midst of dense oceans but once you visit one of the mountains you’ll find out that the marble has actually been carved out into sculptures and other impressions. Furthermore, the mountains are home to numerous Buddhist and Hindu grottoes which are a treat to visit.

Limestone Mountains vietnam

4. Exquisite Cuisine:

Vietnamese cuisine’s exquisiteness can be highlighted from the fact that their traditional dishes are composed of all the basic tastes that are popular among people. The five elemental tastes in their dishes are spicy, sour, bitter, salt and sweet. Hence the Vietnamese cuisine itself is sufficient enough for anyone as all the taste requirements are met. One of the most popular dishes in Vietnam is known as Pho, the supreme combination of noodles and broth mixed up in Vietnamese flavours.

vietnam food

5. Sports in Vietnam:

Vietnamese are sports fanatics! It is a common norm in the Vietnamese culture to learn Martial Arts and most of the residents of Vietnam learn it at a young age. This fact highlights how much importance is given to sports.
Soccer, however, is the second most popular sport and Vietnam’s national team is the proud winner of ASEAN Championship.

6. The Tết New Year celebration:

Vietnam is home to a plethora of cultural festivals and the Tết New Year celebration is one of the most enjoyable ones. Celebrating New Year in such a mystical land is the most amazing experience that you will ever witness.  One thing though needs to be kept in mind is that Vietnam follows the Chinese calendar hence the new year date will be in the months of December and January. The depiction of Vietnamese culture in every corner of the country is a common sight during the festival.

new year vietnam

7. The City of Hanoi:

The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is a major tourist attraction especially when it comes to shopping malls, art centres and museums. The city is often dubbed as the Paris of the East, the picturesque view of the skyline of this city is totally original!

hanoi vietnam

8. Historic Museums:

We all know how Vietnam has been involved in a few historic wars in the past, many war museums can be found in the country. The Vietnam Military History Museum and Vietnam Museum of Revolution are two prime examples where you can learn a lot about the historical wars in Vietnam. Also, Vietnam Fine Arts museums have some brilliant exhibitions when it comes to art and culture.

9. The City of Ninh Bình:

The city of Ninh Binh is a small river located near the red delta river, the city though small is an exquisite place where you can explore Vietnamese culture and its roots. The main attractions include thousands of year old temples which depict the distinct architecture of Vietnam.

Ninh Bình vietnam

10. Music:

The diversity of music can be found in the Northern and Southern regions of Vietnam and this diversity depicts that Vietnamese are generally more accepting to music. The traditional music of Vietnam dates back to the 13th century, one thing is for sure that once you listen to some classical Vietnamese music you will feel that it’s the most distinct music in the world.

music vietnam

11. Theatre, Dance and Literature:

The beauty of Vietnam lies in its culture which can be seen from their crafty theatre, dance and literature. Just witnessing theatric performance is an experience that is out of this world!

All the reasons mentioned above have one thing in common and that is the amount of diversity the Vietnamese culture represents and the best part is that the people of this city are friendly and the company of them in a public place is an experience that anyone would relish.

Ok Ok, so that was 11, now you can see why you should pack your bags and head to Vietnam. No matter your background & Preferences, Vietnam has something for you! So what are you waiting for?

Have you visited Vietnam? Do you have any reasons why someone should visit? Let me know in the comments.

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