Reasons to Visit Goa

A visit to India would be incomplete if you fail to visit the state of the exotic beaches. A combination of sub-tropical beaches, ancient Hindu Temples and world heritage architecture, Goa is just the perfect spot where you can get the most out of your vacations. It is primarily located in the Western Ghats range which makes the state a diversified region of flora and fauna; hence biodiversity is a common element of the region.
Goa is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destination of all times, but why is Goa a must-go destination? Here are 10 tempting reasons to pack your bags and visit Goa!

1. Beaches of Goa:

Relaxation is obviously a huge requirement when it comes to enjoying your vacations and this is exactly what Goa offers. The beaches are the epitome of a perfect relaxing environment and also a wide variety of water sports are played here. Some of the famous beaches in Goa are Palolem and the Sinquerium Beach. Imagine the bluest of oceans with the background of Indian culture! This is something that you just cannot miss.

reasons to visit goa

2. Flora and Fauna:

Goa is a great place when it comes to discovering wide varieties flora and fauna. If you are interested in adventures and being lost in a magical world full of exotic species of animals and plants then Goa just might be the perfect place. Wide variety of fruits and animals are a common sight in the equatorial forests of the state.

reasons to visit goa

3. Music of Goa:

In India music is almost considered equivalent to religion and people generally start learning music from an early age. For tourists, Goa presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy the art of Indian music. Some of the best forms of music in India are played in Goa.

4. Architecture:

Architecture is an important facet of any society and it depicts its culture and history. Goan architecture has features from many civilizations including Portuguese, Islamic, and Ancient India. Astonishingly, the thousands of years old buildings are still in the state of Goa and are well preserved.

reasons to visit goa

5. Goan Cuisine:

Indian food might not be everyone’s first choice of food but in Goa, the food is actually slightly different from the traditional Indian food. Of course, seafood is an important element when it comes to Goan cuisine but the Indian spices along with the frequent use of rice gives an exceptional taste. The cuisine in this area can normally be divided into two categories which are Indian and Catholic Goan cuisine, so you have a choice as well.

reasons to visit goa

6. Museums:

Although museums might not be considered as truly a tourist spot as many people are interested in the beach rather than a museum. Nevertheless visiting a museum is a great way to get you acquainted with Goan culture. Some of the famous museum in Goa includes Goa State Museum and the National Aviation Museum.

7. The Goan Carnival:

The carnival of Goa is one of the most historic events in India, tracing back its origins it was originally started by the Portuguese who ruled the state for about 500 years. But now the carnival has become a major attraction for tourists from all over the world. From colorful parades to exuberant dances the streets of goa present a wonderful sight.

reasons to visit goa

8. The Town of Calangute:

The most famous town in Goa is the small town of Calangute, the reason for its fame is simply because of the fact that it has a glorious beach. The beach offers water sports activities and during New Year or Christmas the town parties just too hard!

9. Vasco Da Gama:

The Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama first discovered the state of Goa through the city of Vasco which is a must-go destination! The city Vasco consists of exotic beaches, historic churches, and many festivals are held in this city. Quite a few shopping centers are also present in the city which makes the experience a great one.

reasons to visit goa

10. Theatre:

Now this is something that might sound surprising to a lot of people that there is a well-known theater in the capital of Goa, Panjim. Pai Tiatrist is the oldest theater in all of the state of Goa and is well-known among the locals and a major form of attraction for the tourists.  Traditional form of Indian theater is widely adored and accepted by the populace, also Goan instrument produce the aura of Ancient India!

11. Nightlife in Goa:

According to a recent poll, Goa was ranked as the 6th most popular destination which had a superb nightlife experience. Goa has an exclusive nightlife especially when it comes partying and bonfires. The beaches are never asleep ever in Goa! Also the same can be said regarding bars in Goa. The entire experience is just too good!

reasons to visit goa