Reasons To Visit Zanzibar

Life can get pretty hectic and overwhelming every once in a while, its times like these when you should just take a breather and relax and unwind. There are tonnes of activities you can do that will accomplish those goals but if you want something like a tour to an exotic location, then Zanzibar is the place. Zanzibar is said to be known as an island paradise as it’s actually a whole group of islands, two large one by the names of Ungoja and Pemba and the rest are the small ones. Politically it is the semi-autonomous part of Tanzania and is located off the coast of East Africa. That’s all good and all, but why should you go there? Well, here are 11 reasons why.

1. Cultural Diversity

People from all sorts of ethnicities occupy Zanzibar which makes it one of the most culturally diverse places on Earth, which is the cause of eras of trade with different countries. You’ll find groups of African, Arab, Indian, Persian and European people living together harmoniously in a peaceful life. You’ll find that these people are friendly, fun, calm, philosophical and lively people who are so full of life and believe in living it to the fullest.

Cultural Diversity Zanzibar

2. Fascinating History and Culture:

Since it has people belong to different countries and ethnicities living here, there is a rich vibrant culture present in this area and there are tonnes of things to learn. The archipelago has been inhabited for over 20,000 years and so its position has made it a major port, once you visit you’ll find loads of interesting things about its history and culture.

History and Culture in zanzibar

3. Scenic Beaches:

If you’re in the mood to just relax and unwind and perhaps soak up some sun or go for a swim then Zanzibar has the perfect thing solution for your needs as it is filled with pristine and scenic beaches, they are clean and exquisitely beautiful and you can’t help but feel like you’re one with nature in that predicament. There are tonnes of things you can do at these beaches for fun like swimming, or surfing or just exploring the surrounding areas with perfect temperature water that you will find refreshing and soothing.

Beaches in zanzibar

4. Ideal Location for Honeymoon:

Planning to get married, looking for a honeymoon escape or looking to renew your vows, Zanzibar is the perfect place to do it in. It’s perfect romantic setting, breathtaking scenery and tonnes of things to do make it the best place to spend quality time with that special someone.

5. Dhow Safari:

In Zanzibar, you’ll be able to enjoy a special type of Safari called a Dhow Safari. You cruise and sail in a Swahili boat where you will discover the best vantage points in Zanzibar. And the best part is that these boats are handmade, but you don’t need to worry because they are operated by trained professional crews.

zanzibar safari

6. Spice Tours:

One of the most interesting things about Zanzibar is its Spice Tours. Zanzibar’s cloves and spices are the sources of its agricultural wealth; here you will discover a rich blend of colours, smells, flavours and tastes as you find spices like nutmeg, cumin, ginger, turmeric, curry and pepper. You’ll also learn why these spices are important in Zanzibar.

zanzibar spice tours

7. Culture Music Club:

One of the best places to enjoy cultural music and here you will discover Zanzibar Taarab music. At the club, you will find one of the most creative orchestras played with Swahili style creating a fusion of music to soothe the ears and soul. This place is pretty active and you’ll always get to see several performances with other people comprising of locals and other tourists.

music in zanzibar

8. Stone Town:

One of the most important and significant places in Zanzibar, when you arrive here the first thing that comes to mind is ‘ancient’ and ‘old’ but despite that initial impression the place is quite lively and always bustling with activity. Lively bazaars, winding alleys, primaeval mosques and magnificent Arab houses are the main things that make this place so great. There are tonnes of other things to see as well from the Old Fort to the magnificent beaches, this place is an all-rounder when it comes to tourist attractions.

stone town zanzibar

9. Food Markets:

These are a must visit for anyone who comes to Zanzibar. The Darajani market is the traditional food market located in Stone Town where you will find a wide variety of vegetables, seafood, spices and fruits. The most fun and enjoyable food market are however the Forodhani Night Food Market located at Forodhani Gardens. If you’re looking for a healthy dinner then this is the place where you will find tonnes of tasty foods like seafood, kebabs, grilled meats, fried potatoes, chapattis and a variety of salads and many other delicious meals. These places are always happening and it seems that there is a big celebration happening. You’ll also find numerous blends of coffees and teas over at Zanzibar, you’ll also find the best coffee in Africa that comes from Kilimanjaro.

10. Red Colobus Monkeys:

Zanzibar is famous for its indigenous wildlife as well. Over here you’ll find the Jozani Forest which is Zanzibar’s well known National Park and it happens to be famous for its indigenous red colobus monkeys. You’ll find a variety of other wildlife as well as the forest is teeming with it.

monkey in zanzibar

Bonus, Giant Tortoise:

Another widely known tourist attraction that you will find in Zanzibar is its Giant Tortoises. They are found on Prison Island which you can reach by taking a 20-minute boat ride. The tortoises are gigantic and you can get close to them, some are said to be as old as 300 years!


            I can go on and on describing a multitude of things that makes Zanzibar the perfect place to visit for your next tour. But like I said I would be telling you reasons and I have done exactly that. So next time when life becomes a little unbearable, you’ll know where to go.

Do you know any other reasons why you should visit Zanzibar? Add some more in the comments box.

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