7 Tips to Plan your Perfect Romantic Vacation in Venice

Venice was designed to be the most beautiful city in Entire Renaissance Europe. After centuries, Venice still remains the most beautiful city.  City’s Fabulous Palaces, Renaissance Landmarks, Rich Italian architecture & Unmatched Love for Art attracts millions of tourists every year. Venice is very famous among Couples & Newly- weds.  If you want a love story like Romeo & Juliet, Plan your honeymoon in Venice, Period.

You cannot experience real beauty of Venice, unless you visit it. No matter how many beautiful images you have seen, you cannot visualize its splendour. Even some of the greatest artists have fallen short of words explaining marvelous beauty of Venice. So how can I ever compare?  But let’s give it a try!  “Imagine a beautiful city built couple of centuries ago, which is full of beautiful architecture and glorious buildings. Where there are no roads, but beautiful canals connecting the city. You can find exotic music being played by street musicians, almost anywhere in the city.  Indeed, nothing short of a paradise.”
Venice is also the perfect place to plan your romantic Holiday with your partner. Artists & Art lovers love this place. Love is in the air if you are planning to pay a visit, get ready to experience the difference in your love life!

Here are 7 amazing Tips to plan your perfect Romantic Holiday/ Vacation in Venice

Planning the Holiday!

The most boring part of your Holiday, But time spent planning your perfect Holiday usually comes long waybest deals and bookings in your budget. Lay out your travel plan on a paper or phone. Book the hotels & Flight tickets in advance. If you want to save time and hassle, you can simply book a Honeymoon package form your travel Agent.

Don’t forget to include some popular landmarks such as Rialto Bridge and Palazzo Ducale.

Maintain Balance:

Planning is much like Love, if it does not have perfect balance, then it is no more pleasurable. A mistake lot of tourists make is over planning. Here are some more Dos and Don’ts to help you.

Don’t exhaust yourself with every tiny detail of your travel, leave insignificant things untouched, and deal with them later.

Maintain a balance between free time and Sight Seeing. Don’t give either one complete importance, otherwise, you will ruin the fun.

Maintain balance between Luxury & Budget, going heavy on either one of them will leave you with regrets for sure.

Maintain a balance between Holiday & Love, Always give your significant One Importance and time. Don’t become a lone wolf.
A preplanned holiday allows you to spend more time with your “The One”, rather than scratching your head in front of a Map! You can be worry free & enjoy the preplanned holiday allows you to spend more time with your “The One”, rather than scratching your head in front of a Map! You can be worry free & enjoy the holiday if well planned.

Don’t Forget To Romance!
Don’t exhaust all your time in travelling, spare some time for romance! Enjoy beautiful sunsets with your partner, have Romantic dinners. Surprise him/ her with special gifts.

Cruise through amazing canals of Venice in a chartered boat. Stop in the middle and surprise her/him with an unexpected French kiss! Don’t be shy, Hold hands. Holding hands are the best way to show how much you care for them. And Venice is lovers Paradise after all!

Don’t chain yourself, speak your heart out, tell them why you love them, express your affection. Do a little bit of research on the Internet, if you have to. But don’t make your holiday boring and without romance!

Chocolates, Flowers & Wine!

There is no gap that can’t be filled with either chocolate, Flowers or Wine. They have remained best gifts to express your love & affection. Especially in Venice, you can find the finest Renaissance Wine & chocolates.   You can order them online or purchase locally.

If you are making a booking through travel agents or a website, you can always ask your hotel for special services. And they will greet you with a fine bottle of wine at your hotel room! Enjoy a fine glass of wine after the dinner or before going to bed. A glass of wine will surely turn the atmosphere sexy & romantic.

If you really want to make your loved one happy, wake up early and wake them up with a hot coffee & breakfast of their choice.  This is titled to bring a lovely smile on their face, which you can’t forget.

Forget the candle Light dinner!

Candle light dinner is regarded as symbol of romance worldwide, but they become very dull compared to other activities you can do in Venice. You can enjoy Romantic candle light dinner anywhere in the world. But while you are in Venice, you must take a different route.  Here are few alternatives:

Gondola Ride:
I would personally suggest you to enjoy a gondola ride. It costs around 40 euros for 30 minutes, the experience of a gondola ride is amazing. You can enjoy the amazing views of city through Gondola. Way better than old, boring candle light dinner.

Live Seafood:
Another experience you can have is Live Seafood, Most of the restaurants don’t even own a refrigerator.  Fish are juicy and delicious.
Helicopter tour:
To have a lavish & luxurious experience you can take a helicopter ride. You can explore the whole Venice within a couple of hours. Tickets are also reasonable & affordable, around 60- 100 Euro per person. You can pick a helicopter from Lido Island.  A helicopter tour is a must if you are only staying for a couple of days or less.
Sail Boat Tour:
This is another perfect way to explore the city. You can find a traditional sail boats throughout the Venice. You can even plan your Lunch on the boat.  If you are looking for something more romantic and faster, try taking a cruise ride. “Many Titanic Pictures have already been clicked on these Boats!”

Go Naked (Barefooted)!

This is probably the best way to connect with Venice, take off your shoes and walk barefooted. Explore the hidden alley ways take water taxies when you are tired.  An early morning Jog on cold, damp floor will definitely charge you up with energy. Especially near the Basilica di San Marco Church.

Natural beauty is at its best in Venice, you can enjoy astonishment of pink- streaked skies right after the sunset. Skies are always clear blue during the day while night sky is always full of stars. If you really want to impress your partner, take them out and enjoy the sunset with a romantic dinner. Sure, you will have to use candles, but it will be much more interesting.

You can also explore Restaurants and Pubs.
Don’t be a Bed lover!

Are you a Bad lover or Bed Lover? Clearly, if you are planning to visit Venice for your Romantic Holiday, you are not the former!  Leave your laziness behind and explore every aspect of Venice while you are there. Take as many photos as you want, do something crazy, switch off your mobile and spend time with your loved one.
“If you have made some great memories, why not send it via a postcard? So that you can keep your memories with you forever!”

Sleep as little as possible, capture the moment and create everlasting memories with your loved ones. Please don’t waste your time being lazy or lying in the bed. Take 5/6 cups of espresso if you want, but get out of the bed.

There are many Art classes available, which specializes in teaching Drawing, Italian cooking & other arts in general. These classes are the best way to kill some of the extra time and learn useful skills. These are often one or two days long. Prefer joining one or two.  Learn Basic Italian from a native, make some new friends.

There are countless things you can do in Venice, don’t limit yourself to your hotel room.

Art always loves you back!

Art is unique identity of Venice. You will find almost every form of art. You can attend local concerts and operas if you like. There are many art exhibits throughout the year, if you are lucky enough you might get entry.  It is advisable to book tickets in advance, so that you & your loved one can enjoy without worries. One of the major opera house is Gran Teatro La Fenice. You can book tickets online or via your hotel manager.
There are many festivals held throughout the year if you plan well you can attend these festivals.  Now you know why I put “Planning the Holiday” as my first tip.  These festivals certainly intensify Romance of Your Honeymoon or Holiday.
Here are some of the major festivals and their duration, to help you plan better.

Venice Jazz Festival. July

Festa del Redentore. July

Venice Film Festival. August – September

Regata Storica (Historic Regatta) September

Venice Marathon. October

Festa della Salute. November

Venice Carnival. January – February
These festivals are celebrated with much joy and cheer, some of them are specifically dedicated to Newly- weds and couples.

Wish you all the best for your journey to Venice and all the best for your Love Life.

Article submitted  by  “The Regular”