Sharm el Sheikh is an Egyptian beach resort. It’s known for its long sandy beaches and clear waters.

Sharm el Sheikh has become a famous spot for scuba divers from all around the globe. Being Very close to the Red Sea, it provides some of the most stunning underwater scenery and warm sea water. Visitors to Sharm el Sheikh can experience a variety of water activities such as diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite surfing, Parasailing, boating, canoeing and much more.

Naama Bay Promenade is the place for an evening stroll full of lively bars and restaurants.

From water spots to casinos, ice bars to restaurants, water parks to quad biking in the dessert. Egypt plenty to tempt your quiet relaxing holiday into a fast fun pack adventure.

I travelled to Sharm el sheikh for what I thought was going to be a quiet relaxing all inclusive holiday. I was slightly surprised that there was so much to do and just had to get involved.el sheikh for what I thought was going to be a quiet relaxing all inclusive holiday. I was slightly surprised that there was so much to do and just had to get involved.

I stayed in a huge 5- star resort (Baron Palm) and it was beautiful,  surrounded by gardens all the way down to the beach. Plenty of pools including a children’s splash area, The hotel arranges a variety of trips however, I found the best deals by going to Naama Bay Promenade and finding a tourist excursions shop and making deals with them. From boat trips to viewing Saturn in the middle of a dessert they really have it all and normally at  the best prices around. I strongly recommend if you do go scuba diving go to a certified pada dive centre. I used camel drive and they looked after me very well.

The excursions I got involved in was…..

Star gazing, viewing Saturn and the moon in the middle of a dessert though what I can only describe as an enormous oversized telescope, which included a short camel ride, traditional Bedouin show, trying and baking bread.

Quad biking in the dessert, A very fast and fun filled trip. Just be repaired to get  dusty from all the back  spray from the quads in front. Take sunglasses, old clothes and plenty of sun cream.

A day out at an aqua park (Cleo park) which had plenty of slides, If you’re a water baby and love water parks this really is a must do whilst you’re in Sharm.

Ghibli Raceway (go karting) I Love karting and have set many records around the world and this was a professional track which I would recommend.

A short taxi ride to the old market is worth a visit, and with some haggling, there are some good deals to be made, just be careful of scams.

Horse riding, I went a couple of times with different stables and every horse I came across was well looked after. Each time I went I had the stable helpers come along for the ride which is good for anybody who is not used to riding, Being a confident rider I was allowed to have a couple of little gallops ahead of the group which for me was perfect. I highly recommend a sunset ride as its cooler and you get to watch the sunset, what more can you ask for.

Dolphins and whale watching, Although I would say I didn’t see any, they did but they were at such a distance I don’t class this as seeing either, but this did  make for a nice boat trip out to sea.

Ice bar in Soho square, this was a nice place to cool off from the heat. If I remember it was quite expensive to get in but with a free drink and a place to cool off it made a nice breakaway.

I also did 4 scuba dives and the one I highly recommend is Jackson reef, this is where the  hammerhead sharks hang out, Only words to describe this is WOW!! I was lucky enough to see about 20 hammerhead sharks about 10 metres above me and about 30 metres away (which for me, was close enough). With the guidance of the PADI instructor, I felt perfectly safe. Whilst scuba diving you will see many beautiful coloured fish of all sizes and plenty of corals. On one of my dives a big string ray swam past and I only caught a glimpse which was a shame nerveless they are there.

This is just the tip of an iceberg of things you can do in Sharm el sheikh and this made for an interesting holiday.