Sharm El Sheikh – A Paradise On Earth

There is something mystic in Oriental countries and cultures that simply lures people to visit them. Egypt is definitively one of these countries, whose incredible nature and amazing history equally attract tourists from all around the world, seeking new adventures and a lot of fun. Sharm El Sheikh is a pearl of Egypt and its most popular tourist destination for the last couple of decades surpassing even the pyramids.

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All You Need To Know About Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is located in the most southern part of Sinai Penninsula which is surrounded by the astonishing Red Sea. Sinai is quite interesting itself since it connects Africa and Asia, and it is also a region with extensive history. Most of the Sinai is actually a huge desert with high mountain ranges that are divided from the Red Sea by a flat sandy strip. For that reason, most of the people get a sense of being on an entirely different planet. The climate is warm and dry and thus makes Egypt perfect for enjoying in the various sea activities and especially scuba diving.

The undoubtedly best way to reach Sharm El Sheikh is by a plane, and once you arrive, there will be plenty of travelling options for roaming around. You can use the public transport, but it may be wiser to take a cab since they are quite modern and more reliable.

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Rich History

Sinai Peninsula is one of the major historical regions in the world which is of particular importance for the past and present of Abraham religions. It is believed that this is the place where Moses crossed the Red Sea during the Exodus and that is why there are many monasteries all over the region. Sinai has always been a place where various cultures have met, so many nations have left their traces here. They include ancient Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Muslims, British and so on.

But unlike the Sinai, Sharm El Sheikh has much shorter history since only 40 years ago this was a small Bedouin fishing village. It was also damaged during the war between Egypt and Israel, and the entire region was occupied by the Israelis in 1967. The occupation had lasted for more than a decade, but during that period Sharm El Sheikh started to develop as a prospective tourist centre.

And after the occupation ended in 1982, the Egyptian government has continued the intensive development of Sharm El Sheikh which soon reached a population of around 10 thousand. Since then, it has become a major centre for tourists from all over the world and in particular among the British, and there are many reasons for such a trend.

The Primary Attractions

Sharm El Sheikh is a true Mecca for tourists since there are so many attractions to visit and cool things to do you will have to make a list of priorities. But there are a few places you should definitively not miss such as the Mt. Sinai with the famous Monastery of St. Catherine on top. People believe that the location of the Monastery marks the spot where Moses got the ten commandments. The view from the top can’t be described so you better go up there and check it out yourself.

Also, go to the desert and see its amazing landscape which will leave you breathless and while you are there check out the Bedouin villages and learn more about their customs and way of living. Take a camel back riding tour and head straight to the Coloured Canyon where you can take a break in a hidden oasis. Spending a night out in the desert will give you an entirely new perspective about nature and especially about the sky. You will never see so many stars in the heavens; that is a promise.

Nabq National Park is a place you will remember for the rest of your life. It has fabulous beaches which are a complete contrast to those in the resort. They are almost deserted so you can enjoy some privacy which will not happen very often during your stay in the resort.

These are just the top places to go to while staying in Sharm El Sheikh since there are literally hundreds of others you will see for yourself once you get there.

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Numerous Hotels, Resorts, And Villas On Offer

Being a worldwide famous tourist destination for decades, Sharm el Sheikh has managed to create an incredible offer of hotels, hostels, resorts, villas and private apartments. The tourists indeed have many issues while deciding which type of accommodation to choose since competition in Sharm el Sheikh is high. Each type of accommodation will surely offer extraordinary service, with outdoor swimming pools, gyms, spas, as well as spacious rooms overlooking the sea. Perhaps the only factor that can contribute to choosing one hotel over the other is its location and the fact that it is closer to some significant destinations.

Thus, you are welcome to choose a wide array of hotels north of the airport, in a part of the city called Nabq. Most of them are very luxurious and offer a super all-inclusive service where the visitors undoubtedly receive a royal-like treatment. Some of the hotels in this area are Laguna Vista Beach Resort, Horizon, Royal Albatross Moderna, and AA Grand Oasis. Need we say that all of them are located on the coast and own private beaches? And apart from the location, one will undoubtedly notice an extravagant architecture of the hotels in Nabq. They resemble royal palaces and contain all the additional amenities. Hence, don’t hesitate about visiting this part of Sharm el Sheikh.

Very famous part of Sharm is also Naama Bay, where one can see mostly glamour of Egypt, even though you can find some of the modest variants of accommodation. In this area, we recommend you to take a look at Hyatt Regency Resort, Sonesta Club, Naama Bay Hotel, Movenpick Hotel as well as Marriot Hotel. An excellent feature of this group of hotels is that they have vast gardens with palm trees and a lot of shade which are suitable for all the guests who want to have some privacy and rest. Therefore, it is possible to have a peaceful surrounding even in the big, overcrowded hotels. These in Egypt are perfect because of the wide area around them, suitable for spending quiet afternoons.

But apart from Nabq and Naama Bay, Sharm el Sheikh abounds with other, different parts of the city that offer hotel accommodation, like Ras Um Sid and Old Sharm. One can indeed find a large amount of information about lodging in these areas on the Internet.

Private Lodging Vs. Hotel Accommodation

Also, many visitors decide to find a private lodging, which is much cheaper than hotel accommodation. Such a decision has its pros and cons. For instance, you are to rent an excellent apartment in the central part of the city, and it is cheaper than any other option, but on the other side, there is a risk you need to accept. What if the photos on the Internet were not real? For this reason hotel accommodation is a much safer option. In the end, the choice of accommodation is really your call. You are the one to choose whether to take a risk or to play it safe.

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Cuisine – A Unique Mixture Of Different Civilisations

Apart from almost all the world’s cuisines that can be found in Sharm el Sheikh’s restaurants, trying the Egyptian cuisine is simply a must. Many will state that the country is simply incredible and not only due to its ancient world and tradition but also due to its excellent food. Locals usually say that only in Egypt you can try so many different cultures on only one plate. That is why tasting ‘Kushari’ is inevitable. It is considered to be a national meal of Egypt, and contains tomato sauce and pasta, with other ingredients such as rice, lentils, garlic, chickpeas, and onions. Different parts of this dish are imported from different countries, continents and cultures such as Italy, Britain, Latin America, and Asia. The story is exciting, so don’t miss to hear it when trying this tasty meal.

Another excellent meal with an interesting way of preparing is called ‘Ful Medames’. It is cooked in a pot, which is buried in a hot sand or coal and considers ingredients like beans, oil, garlic, and lemon juice. Egyptians usually serve it with tomato sauce or boiled eggs. The meal can be found even on the streets, so don’t miss the chance to try it.

And if you have the opportunity, take ‘Feseekh’. It is a traditional Egyptian meal which is prepared only on special occasions, such as Sham-El-Nessim festival. The process of preparing the meal is uncommon. Namely, since ‘Feseekh’ considers fish that is dried in the sun and salted. If one prepares it in a wrong way, it can cause poisoning, so be careful to order this meal only in restaurants, and certainly not on the streets.

There are many other Egyptian dishes one can try such as ‘Mulukhiya’, ‘Fatta’, and ‘Tarro’. Each of them will surely bring you a whiff of other civilisations, but such a unique meal will always remain carved in your memory as the traditional food eaten in a beautiful country of Egypt.

Activities In Sharm El Sheikh – No Time For Taking a Rest

Sharm el Sheikh is a truly vivid place, with events being organised literally on every corner of the city. However, tourists always look for new and so far unseen activities. That is why a large part of visitors, apart from regular excursions, choose three main activities in Sharm: snorkelling, desert safari, and Bedouin adventure. Snorkelling is an exciting adventure into the underwater regions and Egyptian coral reefs. One will have the chance to see numerous shipwrecks as well as rich marine life. Desert Safari, on the other hand, allows you to explore Egyptian desert. Riding a camel is a new experience for many visitors, and in case you have the opportunity to ride, don’t miss it. And the Sinai Desert is a perfect place for experiencing Bedouin adventure. You will not only live the life of a Bedouin for several days, but you will see how hospitable these people are, and how gladly they will receive you as their guest. These are the things you can see only in Egypt, and for that reason, you should definitely visit it.

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