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Things To Do In Stockholm

Whenever you think about the Nordic countries or even just European countries, Sweden will definitely show up. Stockholm is its capital and is one of the most well-known cities in the world.

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stockholm reason

Reasons To Visit Stockholm

Stockholm also known as the European Capital of culture is considered as one of the most ethnically diverse cultural cities in Europe. It is also Sweden’s capital and the most populous city in Northern Europe.

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Stockholm Guide

Kevins Travel Diary providing you with essential information on things to do and museums to visit during your time in Stockholm. All information is written from first-hand experience to give you a truly terrific trip in Stockholm. Make the most of this travelling information!

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My time in Stockholm.

It was early- summer in April 2007 when I caught the flight to Stockholm from Bangalore in India. The flight landed in Stockholm at 1 PM in the afternoon. The drive from Stockholm airport to my hotel in Kista suburb of Stockholm was a pleasant one.

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