Ten Reasons to Visit Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura also known as the island of ‘Great Adventures’ is one of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and is considered as a part of Spain. The world sees Fuerteventura as a grand destination and tourism is a major part of its economy. Its capital Puerto Del Rosario has a population of thousands but it’s still a great city and when combined with Fuerteventura they have a lot to offer for someone who’s looking for the time of their life!

Fuerteventura is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destination of all times, but why is this island a must-go destination? Here are 11 tempting reasons to pack your bags and visit the Island of Fuerteventura!

1. The Carnival of Fuerteventura:

Like all the Canary Islands Fuerteventura’s traditional holiday season is something you cannot miss! As Celebrated every year in the months of February and March Fuerteventura offers this tradition with themes and activities that are alien to anyone who has not visited this island. Accompanied by traditional parades and galas this carnival finishes off when the new Carnival King has been appointed!

The Carnival of Fuerteventura:

2. Music on the Island:

The interesting thing about Fuerteventura is that the island although having low population provides great music as the music itself is an integral part of the island. Fuertemusica is one such festival that promotes local bands and gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents on a grand stage. The music no doubt is distinct and special!

3. Kite Flying:

Fond of flying kites? Well, Fuerteventura is characterised by its beaches and strong winds and gives exceptional kite flying conditions throughout the year. The International Kite Flying Festival is held every year in November on the warm beaches of Corralejo and is an attraction to kite flyers from around Europe! If you have not experienced the joys of kite flying then this is your best chance!

Kite Flying Fuerteventura:

4. Performing Arts:

There are three auditoriums specifically built for the purpose of performing arts which tell how much Art, in general, is appreciated by the locals. Fuerteventura’s culture and tradition together combine to make up art performances that are not only special but they also tell a story that this island is an adventurous one!

5. Museums:

An island with museums, sounds unreal right? Due to its colonial history and evolution of its beautiful culture, this island has a lot of history that needs to be shared with the tourists. For this purpose, several public museums have been inaugurated over the past few years. The Salt Museum and Atalayita Archeological Interpretation Centre are the two museums that one cannot miss!

 6. Sports:

Fuerteventura is not boring when it comes to sports. Many sports are played around the island which makes it a popular destination among tourists that are attracted to sports. The warm beaches and strong winds together form the perfect climate to try some watersports like Surfing, Diving, Sailing, Fishing and Swimming. While diving you get to see the purest diversified species of the water world!

sports Fuerteventura:

7. Sea Food:

Seafood is definitely a big reason why you would want to visit Fuerteventura! Due to the Ocean being crystal clear and completely pure you get to taste a wide variety of seafood that is cooked in the traditional flavours of the locality. From Pejines to Sanchocho the island offers everything that a seafood lover can wish for.

  8. The Sculpture Park:

One of the biggest attractions to locals and the tourists is the Sculpture Park located in the centre of the island’s capital Puerto del Rosario. This is an open-air sculpture park that consists of hundreds of sculptures specially designed by artists from all over the world! International Symposium of Sculpture is a festival celebrated every year on the island which is attracted by influential artists from around the world.

Sculpture Park Fuerteventura:

9. The Beaches of Corralejo and El Jable:

Every single time the word Island is mentioned we draw up a mental picture of white beaches and a crystal clear ocean. The good news is that this mental picture of the perfect beach is a reality in Fuerteventura! The two beaches are a paradise for windsurfers due to its stable winds around the year and give the perfect opportunity to have an adventure of a lifetime.

The Beaches of Corralejo and El Jable

10. Canarian Wrestling:

Canarian Wrestling in Fuerteventura is a popular sport among the locals and is a major form of tourist attraction as it is considered as the finest form of wrestling in all of the Canary Islands. The skilled wrestlers will make sure that you have a thrilling experience in terms of the quality of wrestling being provided and do not forget that the wrestling ring is made up of sand!

Canarian Wrestling

11. The Village of Cofete:

Cofete is a small village located in the western part Fuerteventura. This village is special because it is the most peaceful and serene part of the island. It has wide and empty beaches plus it has a Villa located on top of a mountain slope where you and your family could spend the vacations of a lifetime.

The Village of Cofete

All the reasons mentioned above have one thing in common and that is the amount of beauty and serenity that the island of Fuerteventura represents and the best part is that the people of this island are friendly and the company of them in the sculpture park or a beach is an experience that anyone would relish.

Ok Ok, so that was 11, now you can see why you should pack your bags and head to Fuerteventura. No matter your background & Preferences, Fuerteventura has something for you! So what are you waiting for?

Do you have any reasons you’d like to add? What are the reasons you would recommend for someone visiting?

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