Ten Reasons to Visit Mallorca

The largest and most populous island of the Balearic Islands in Mallorca, with the climate suitable for tourists throughout the year. Mallorca is the most attractive Balearic Island. Statistics indicate that around eight million tourists visit the golden beaches of Mallorca around the year and obviously this number is astounding!

Mallorca is ranked as one of the most popular tourist destination of all times, but why is Mallorca a must-go destination? Here are 10 tempting reasons to pack your bags and visit Mallorca!

1. Palma

If you visit Mallorca your first stop must be the city of Palma! This city is perfect for you to get rid of your jet-lag and getting used to the surroundings of the islands. From luxurious hotels to friendly locals this city is an essential part of Mallorca.

palma mallorca

2. The Beaches of Mallorca

Every single time the word Island is mentioned we draw up a mental picture of white beaches and a crystal clear ocean. The good news is that this mental picture of the perfect beach is a reality in Mallorca! The twenty beaches of Mallorca are a paradise for windsurfers due to its stable winds around the year and give the perfect opportunity to have an adventure of a lifetime.

mallorca beaches

3. Cuisine

Seafood is definitely a big reason why you would want to visit Mallorca! Due to the Ocean being crystal clear and completely pure you get to taste a wide variety of seafood that is cooked in the traditional flavours of the locality. From Sobrassada to Ensaimada the island offers everything that a seafood lover can wish for.

mallorca food

4. The Island of Literature

Literary giants such as Agatha Christie and George Sand have both stayed on the island and its particular setting has inspired them to write novels. If you by any chance are interested in literature or maybe you are a writer, this island might just be the perfect environment to inspire the writer in you. Many other influential works have been written in Mallorca and the tradition still continues.

5. Bellver Castle

Did you really think Mallorca only offers serene beaches and good food? Well, you are wrong! The Bellver castle is located north of the capital city and is one of the most amazing historical architectural structures on the island. Due to its unique location surrounded by the vast ocean, the circular shaped Bellver Castle has become a major tourist attraction.

Port de Pollenca mallorca

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6. Port de Pollenca

There’s one thing that you just cannot miss on the Island of Mallorca. What you have to do is to wake up before sunrise and visit Port de Pollenca. Once you reach there, have some patience and when the first ray light emerges from the hidden clouds you will witness the most mesmerizing sunrise in the entire world. Surrounded by beauty and the sound of birds, this is truly an unforgettable experience!

7. Culture and Arts

You might be thinking that Mallorca’s attractions are limited to nature and it cannot offer something that is related to its culture as it’s just an Island. Well, you’re in for a surprise this island is famous for its involvement and acceptance of various forms of art including paintings, crafts and especially literature! The very island’s culture reflects the amount of diversity present in the form of art!

8. Tourists and the Locals

One of the best things about touring another place is to have diversity among the people that you meet. This is exactly what is offered in Mallorca, not only will you get friendly and jolly locals but also tourists coming from different parts of the world. In the distinct cultural setting of Mallorca, the unison of different cultures of the world provides an atmosphere that is unmatchable.

9. Music

Music is a popular form of expression among the locals of Mallorca and the best part is that even though there have been notable musicians from Mallorca the local music that is played in the streets is simply spellbinding! In addition to that, there is a rock music festival that takes place on a yearly basis!

mallorca music

10. Sports

Mallorca is not boring when it comes to sports. Many sports are played around the island which makes it a popular destination among tourists that are attracted to sports. The warm beaches and strong winds together form the perfect climate to try some watersports like Surfing, Diving, Sailing, Fishing and Swimming. Interested in observing the diversity of water life? This is your perfect chance as you will not be disappointed!

11. Palma Cathedral

It’s always great to visit religious places especially when a lot of history is associated with it. The Palma Cathedral is the most important and historical church of the island. Even if you’re not a religious person this church is a must-go place as it exhibits Gothic architecture and it was constructed in the 12th century!

Palma Cathedral mallorca

Ok Ok, so that was 11, now you can see why you should pack your bags and head to Mallorca. No matter your background & Preferences, Mallorca has something for you! So what are you waiting for?

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