Ten reasons to visit Morocco

Vacation is a necessity for a well-balanced and healthy life. A positive and well-managed vacation can cherish you and take you out from the stress, and you can return to work with a new level of energy running through your veins. Travelling can bring many new experiences while meeting new people and exploring nature. Everyone seeks happiness, and the best way to find out is to have a splendid vacation. If you start to plan for a vacation, the main thing comes into your mind that where to go. I think I have the answer for your question? Morocco an incredible country with its heart-wrenching beauty shall make your vacation wonderful and exciting. Here are some toothsome reasons that would definitely make you think of spending your vacation in Morocco.

1. The Kingdom Of Morocco

The history revolves around twelve countries, to the establishment of Idrisid dynasty. Morocco is known as a Northern African country. It is located in the Maghreb region of North America. 400,000 years ago most of the hominids used to occupy the land. The half of the land is mountainous and the other half is the big ocean of desert. This feature is a big attraction for tourists and something that they can relish for the rest of their life.

2. Moroccan Architecture

Morocco is in North Africa, bordering Mediterranean and the Atlantic. This country has the most beautiful architecture styles, which represents their culture and history. The most famous architecture style is Mashrabiya which is an Islamic art of dowel work to elaborate the geometrical patterns with the wood carvings and beautiful designs. The fountain was that feature which was the part of every home at that time. Ceramics, woodwork, plaster and metal work were the four elements in every architectural style.

Moroccan Architecture

3. Moroccan Arts and Culture

This country is truly an amazing cultural centre of artistic roots. The examples of arts are given in the most historical museums they express themselves in their paintings, carvings, calligraphy and jewellery. Their culture represents the colours of happiness. Hospitality is the main aspect of their lives as they believe in keeping their ancestral tradition. You must visit their museums, there lies the true history!

4. Deserts and Dunes

As morocco is a country where deserts are the most prominent feature then you should visit and see how dunes are embracing the oceans. The wind blowing sand and the spectacular landscapes are worth watching. Erg Chebbi, the largest desert in Morocco, where you can have fun doing camel trekking. Imagine that you are sitting on the camel and nobody is around you except, the large dunes, and you can just hear the footsteps of a camel. If you are in Morocco, then exploring deserts should be at top of the list.

Deserts and Dunes n Morocco

5. The Blue City-Chefchaouen:

The most eye capturing scenes are the landscapes in Morocco. The most wonderful landscapes are in RIF Mountains, in the city called Chefchaouen. The blue and white buildings, a contrast which relates to the cloudless Moroccan sky. The history behind this relates to Jewish teachings. The blue colour buildings are in the memory of that tradition. If you have been amid by the hustle and bustle of your city, then this place will give you the most wonderful vacation as it is the most peaceful and alluring city. You must not miss that!

The Blue City-Chefchaouen morocco

6. Casablanca

Casablanca is the city of Morocco, known as a hub located in western Morocco, fronting the Atlantic sea. It is the large, modern city. It is the best place for tourists to stay as there are many hotels which are perfect and comforting. The most famous hotel in Casablanca is Pestana Casablanca. It is known as the heart of the Casablanca. The luxurious hotel would offer you the best cuisine and enlighten up your mood. Whether you are on a business trip or a vacation, you should pay a visit to this hotel. And I am sure you will love it!

Casablanca morocco

7. Landscapes and beaches

The landscapes and beaches are the most amazing features of Morocco. The wonderful scenes would amaze you, once you are there. The waterfalls, hills and Turquoise water depict natural beauty. The most exotic beaches lie between the towns of Mirleft and Sidi Ifni. The beach known as Legzira is the most eye-catching beach of Morocco.

Landscapes and beaches in morocco

8. Moroccan cuisines

Moroccan cuisines are enriched with delicious food. Morocco mint tea and pastries are very delightful Couscous is one of the healthiest food served in morocco it is most famous for its delicious taste. It is a North African dish and served by small steamed balls of meat and semolina. This dish is tempting because of it tantalising spices and one can add apricots, potatoes, and carrots. One just cannot resist it!

morocco food

9. Sports in Morocco:

Sports in Morocco have always played an important role. Moroccans play many games including football, tennis and golf. However, their most played game is Soccer. Moroccans have won the national prize. Among most of the North African countries, the national Moroccan team is considered as one of the best teams in Soccer. Other than soccer they do Skiing, Riding, fishing, trekking and watersports.

10. High Atlas

Here come the majestic High Atlas mountains curl through the country. They are also called as Grand Atlas Mountain Range. The aromatic view of the mountains is heart-wrenching. Tourists come for skiing though the snowline in Morocco is situated at around 1000 meters above sea level. The snow is thicker and that’s why the Atlas Mountains are preferred for skiing Oukaimeden and Jebel Mischliffen. If you are a skiing lover you must pay a visit to this wonderland I am sure you will love it.

High Atlas morocco

11. Nightlife in Marrakech Morocco

In every vacation, one needs a memorable time, and most of all partying at night is what people need the most. Morocco is a country which never sleeps at night. The city of Morocco, Marrakech is the most wonderful city for having splashing nights. The most exotic place is known as so night lounge Marrakech. This bar is the right place if you want to spice your night. This is located near the grounds of the Sofitel gardens.A place where you can sit back and relax, order the best cuisine and meet new people.

Okay, Okay so that was eleven and yes I am sure these reasons are intriguing enough. So what are you waiting for?

Do you have any reasons to visit Morocco? Let me know in the comments.


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