Terms and conditions for guest bloggers

The following terms and conditions for Guest Bloggers (the “Guest Blogger Agreement”) govern Your use of www.kevinstraveldiary.com (the “Site”) and any services made available to You by www.kevinstraveldiary.com (“Kevins Travel Diary,” “We”, “Us” and “Our”) on or through the Site (the “Services”) and any contributions You make to the www.kevinstraveldiary.com site (“Contributions”). For purposes of the Guest Blogger Agreement, “You” and “Contributor” means the person using the Site or the Services or providing Contributions which are defined as but not limited to (“writing original content”, “writing or creating exclusive articles” and or “curating or creating non-exclusive digital images for publication on the www.kevinstraveldiary.com blog”). If You are using the Site or Services or Contributing on behalf of Your company (or another entity), then “You” means Your company (or such other entity) and its officers, members, agents, successors and assigns.

The contributor may submit any number of original, exclusive articles and non-exclusive digital images for publication on the www.kevinstraveldiary.com blog. In order to maintain an active status as a www.kevinstraveldiary.com guest blogger. www.kevinstraveldiary.com reserves the right to reject any original article for any reason.

Please, it is expected that you read these Terms of our services cautiously before the entering right will be made available for you by using an ingredient of the site, you have accepted to be bound by the following terms of our service and conditions. Do not access our website if you do not agree and abide by our terms and conditions of this accord or use any of our services. Our terms are well thought-out as an offer, and acceptance is expressly limited to these terms of use.

If in the situations of new features added to the existing store hereafter, shall also be subject to the terms and conditions. You have the right to review the current version of the terms of our services at any given time on this page. It is our right to update, replace and change any part or component of these terms of service or changes to our website. It is expected of you to periodically check our terms and its updates any time you are accessing our website. Pursuance to the incessant continuing using our website simply indicates acceptance of the terms of our service and hence acceptance of the changes in such situations.

General terms

We hereby reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any basis at any time. You have thereafter agreed not to reproduce, copy, duplicate, resell, and exploit any portion of our service, use of the above service, access to the service and or any contact on the website for which the service or the guest post is supplied without articulate writing consent by us.

Thereafter, at our request certain specific submissions were sent or without request from us you hereby send proposals, plans, creative information or other resources, whether online, by email, you, therefore, agree that we may at our discretion without restrictions, copy, edit, distribute, publish and translate or hence use in any situation, any comment that was forward to us. Thereafter, we shall be under no obligation: to maintain any remarks in confidence; to pay reimbursement for any remarks; or as to respond to any remarks.

We hereafter may, hence have no obligation to monitor, edit or remove an article we considered unlawful, threatening, defamatory, pornographic offensive and hence violates the terms of service.

You, therefore, agree that your remarks will not thereafter violate any right of our copyright, privacy or other personal and proprietary right. You agree that your remarks will not attribute hereafter some abusive words or obscene material. You may not use a false email address, pretend to be someone other than yourself or mislead us as owner of any remarks or comments. You are therefore responsible for any remarks you make and their exactness. We don’t have any responsibility and as well assume no liability for any comment sent by you or any third party.

With the consent on prohibitions as set forth in the terms of service, you are thereafter prohibited from making use of www.kevinstraveldiary.com or its contents: to solicit others to carry out any unlawful actions or activities; for any unlawful purpose, to infringe herewith our intellectual property rights or others; to submit misleading information; upload and transmit viruses or any type of malicious code that hence affect www.kevinstraveldiary.com site; to sperm or scrap; obtain in immoral aim; to circumvent the features or security services of www.kevinstraveldiary.com. We hereby reserve the right to terminate your use of the services of this website, hence violating any of these prohibited terms of service.

Any guest post supplied/provided to www.kevinstraveldiary.com must, therefore, accept all the liability for copyright and infringement. Terms and conditions are accepted even without a signature as soon as a guest post is sent to www.kevinstraveldiary.com via all means of contact. It is rightly stated that any legal action taken against www.kevinstraveldiary.com from your quest post will hence not be liable to www.kevinstraveldiary.com. All the legal precedence and consequences taken against a quest post will be liable to you and you will, therefore, have to take the consequences.

Anybody supplying/providing any form of post to www.kevinstraveldiary.com is therefore to accept all liability for copyright and infringement. By providing/supplying an article you have accepted thereafter to all terms of copyright act, and hereafter any action is been taken you will definitely have the consequences.

Having read carefully the terms and conditions guiding this very website, it up to you to accept or disagree with the above conditions.