7 things to do in Hurghada, Egypt

Egypt is one of the most exotic vacation destinations on the planet. Thousands flock there every year to gaze at the pyramids of Giza, but the country has much more to offer which most people don’t focus on. One of such places is Hurghada, which has tons to offer but today we’re settling for only 7 things. Here the 7 things you can do in Hurghada:

Giftun Islands:

These islands are a popular activity from Hurghada offering snorkelling, diving, sunbathing and a break from the mainland hustle and bustle. There are offshore reefs which provide spectacular drop-offs for experienced divers, and there are always moray eels and fish hiding in the corals. Coral reef snorkelling is a great experience.

Giftun Islands Hurghada


Modern Egypt is great but its true beauty is found in the past, presenting Qena. The ancient city which was once known as Cainepolis and has many Islamic buildings, but today the place is best known as the closest town to the well-preserved ruins of Dendera. The temple complex at Dendera includes the immaculately intact and impressive Temple of Hathor and is well set up for visitors with an information centre and cafe. Qena is located 155 km inland from Hurghada, and because of its proximity to Dendera, it’s a favoured day trip location.

Qena Hurghada

Old Hurghada:

Egypt’s real essence is in its past, and Hurghada is no exception. You will find many tourist facilities and modern resorts, but the real essence is in Old Hurghada. Located north of the resorts, you’ll find Old Hurghada or Ad-Dahar. Most locals live there and you’ll find many authentic restaurants and hotels there. The highlight of the old town is the souk, or market You’ll find tons of souvenirs, and local crafts. You may be able to sample spices and fresh local produce.

old Hurghada

Mahmaya Island:

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle and want to enjoy the peace and quiet waters? Look no further, I have just the thing with Mahmaya Island. Accessed by boat, the island has food and lounge facilities and places to get snorkel gear. Snorkeling in this area is a must, as the underwater life is bright, colourful and active and it is less crowded than in other snorkel spots.  The area below the water is filled with many reefs, and dozens of tropical fish and a variety of coral types can be seen just of the island’s beach.

Mahmaya Island Hurghada

Careless Reef:

One of the best-known dive sites, for both sea life and beautiful reef gardens. An active underwater hotspot, octopus and rays, as well as turtles and dolphins, are common sights. Dense populations of fish, including jacks, tuna, barracuda and the occasional hammerhead shark make this a popular spot for viewing aquatic life. The reef is most famous for an active population of moray eels. Average visibility is over 65 feet (20 meters) in the area’s clear waters.

Mons Porphyrites Hurghada

Mons Porphyrites:

This is a considerably short trip but one that you can’t miss out on, presenting Mons Porphyrites. Egypt’s rare porphyry was highly valued by the ancient Romans, and these former Roman quarries were mined for their precious purple and white crystalline stone used to decorate columns, sarcophagi and temples. Once this was a thriving town consisting of houses, temples and workshops; today you can see remnants of the time past and signs of the quarry activity. That not only involved not only quarrying the semiprecious stone but also dragging it for miles across the remote desert sands to the Nile, from where it was shipped to Rome.

Mons Porphyrites Hurghada

Diving Ocean Makadi Bay:

Arguably the top scuba diving location on the Red Sea. The best part is that the Diving Ocean dive centre offers training, facilities and staff ready to help visitors experience the underwater life, hidden away from your eye but now you can experience it. Some of the marine animals that can be spotted include lionfish, moray eels, squid, barracuda, mackerel, white-tip reef sharks and even hammerhead sharks. Some of the best dive sites in the Hurghada and Safaga area, including Gota Abu Ramada, Abu Hashish and Ras Abu Soma, are best accessed from Makadi Bay.

Diving Ocean Makadi Bay Hurghada

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