7 things to do in Gambia

People do a lot of things to take care of boredom; play games, listen to music or watch a movie, read, etc. But sometimes you need something more, you feel this need to get up and explore someplace new. Let’s say you’re going through that time right now and you can’t make up your mind where to go and why you should go. What if I told you I have the perfect place for you to visit, where you will have tons to do and beautiful scenery to enjoy. Welcome to Gambia, that is the place to visit this year. Here are the 7 things to do in Gambia:


Go Explore:

The bush taxi is the cheapest public transport, these are the white minibuses that travel set routes between towns and cram the passengers in but they are extremely cheap and have a fixed price of around 10 Dalasi. The yellow taxis, with a green stripe down the side, cost about the same as the minibuses, charging per person at a fixed rate and they are likely to pick up further passengers along the way. The tourist taxis are green and it is these that you will find outside the hotels. They are very much more expensive but are usually in the best condition and have the best insurance.

Gmabia thiings to do

Craft Markets:

The second thing to do over in Gambia is to hit the craft markets where you can browse the local crafts and pick up some souvenirs. The best-known markets are at Serrekunda, the largest town in The Gambia and Royal Albert Market in the capital, Banjul. Both of these towns have large markets selling everything under the sun with a tourist craft market attached.

Fishing Village:

The third thing on our list is one of the most popular past times in the world, that’s right, fishing. There is ample opportunity to fish in Gambia, there are fish markets situated at Bakau, Tanji and Sanyang. These are the places where you can just relax and watch the fishing boats dock and unload the day’s catch. There is ample opportunity for click-worthy photos here, so if you want a memorable piece, this is the place.

Gmabia thiings to do

Sanyang Beach:

I have just mentioned this beach as a location for ample fishing opportunity. Every beach on this planet has a unique identity, that sets it apart from the rest of the beaches. And fishing is Sanyang’s special point. It is a lovely spot that has a small bar there and off to one side you’ll see rows of colourful fishing boats and behind that the fish is being prepared, dried and smoked. There are also a few craft stalls.

Gmabia thiings to do

Kachikally Sacred Crocodile Pool:

This particular one is located in Bakau, but there are quite a few throughout the Gambia. The waters of the pool are believed to have magical powers, they are said to aid fertility and women come from long distances to bathe in these waters to aid in their pregnancies. The crocodiles have become so used to visitors that you can walk right up to them and stroke them but only on the advice of the guides.

Gmabia thiings to do


One of the most popular hobbies in the world is birdwatching. And it so happens that Gambia is well known for ample opportunities related to it. The best way to go bird watching is to hire an official guide, however, many of the hotels have lovely grounds where many different birds can be seen and it is worth asking if they have a bird guidebook you can borrow and even some binoculars.

Gmabia thiings to do

Traditional Drumming and Dance:

A must experience event if there ever was one in Gambia. If you’re in the need for entertainment, then you’ll find that the local hotels and restaurants provide ample opportunities for that. There may be a variation in quality and style, but you will find a few great traditional groups that play the circuit of hotels. Their performances can be enjoyed over food and drinks. If you like their performance, then be sure to tip them as all art deserves appreciation.

Gmabia thiings to do

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