The Ultimate Bucket List Of 7 Things To Do In Iceland:

Iceland is the perfect destination for nature lovers. those who love the cold but still love taking part in activities while admiring the nature. One can find some of the most amazing landscapes in Iceland. One can visit some of the best waterfalls as well by take tours that companies provide. Aside from waterfalls, there are many other outdoor attractions that one can visit. Such as the Thingvellir national park, the famous great geyser, beautiful caves. This is why one should make an ultimate bucket list of all the things they want to see.

If one is thinking about tours to Iceland, then it is best that they do make a note of all the things that they want to see and do. Many people have said that they regret not doing their research first and making a note of all the places they would like to see and things they would like to do. Well just for that reason, this holds a bucket list that hopefully proves useful for you.

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See an active volcano

Iceland is known for its many active volcanos. Because of this Island is of volcanic origin and located on a so-called hot spot on the mid-Atlantic Ridge, there are about 130 volcanic mountains. Since Iceland’s settlement in 874 A.D, 18 of these mountains have erupted. The most active and unstable of them all is Grimsvotn. The most recent volcanic eruption was caused by Eyjafjallajokull on April 14, 2010. Over the last 500 years, volcanic eruptions in Iceland have accounted for one-third of the world’s lava output. That’s why Iceland is one of the best locations in the world to see active lava flows. Join a guided volcano sightseeing tour to one of Iceland’s eruption sites to see an exciting natural spectacle.

iceland volcano

Visit the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most popular geothermal spa and an exciting place to swim. It is like one huge natural outdoor swimming pool with a water temperature of 37-39 degrees c. The volcanically heated seawater is rich in minerals, including sulphur and silica and has helped many people with all kinds of skin conditions, such as psoriasis. Swimming in the Blue Lagoon is possible year-round and is always a fascinating experience – whether surrounded by snow in the winter or during Iceland’s long sunny days in the summer. One should go swimming or just relax in a geothermal pool. There are many such pools if you do not wish to visit this but to live up to the tradition, swimming in a geothermally heated pool is a must.

Iceland Blue lagoon

Walk behind a waterfall

Visit Seljjlandsfoss, one of Iceland’s most beautiful waterfalls and a great spot to take photos. The waterfall is a 60-metre cascade, dropping over the cliffs and into a poll at its base. An exciting feature of this waterfall is that one can walk behind it for an even more unique waterfall perspective.

Iceland waterfalls

Stand on a glacier

Glaciers and ice caps make up about 11 percent of Iceland’s land area. Driving through the snowy wilderness across the white plains of a glacier is an Icelandic experience not to be missed. If you’re not familiar with off-road driving, take a guided Super Jeep tour with a professional driver, which lets you sit back and enjoy the views without having to concentrate on driving or looking at a map. Alternatively, if you have never snowmobiled before, here is your chance. Snowmobiling tours are also offered in Iceland.

glacier iceland

See the original geyser – Geysir

A geyser is a spring that spouts water high into the air and is accompanied by steam and a vapour phase. The Word ”geyser” originated in Iceland and comes from Geysir, which is the name of such a spring. In fact, all of the world’s hot springs are named after Geysir, which is located at Haukadlur and is also known as The Great Geysir. As you enter the Geysir park area, you will notice the steam rising from hot springs and vents all across the area. In the past, Geysir has pushed steaming water up to 70 metres in the air.

A neighbour of Geysir is Strokkur, Which is smaller but still interesting to visit. Its waterspout is about 20 to 30 metres high. Besides watching the hot springs, the park offers great hiking opportunities. There are several marked trails that lead past steaming vents, colourful mud pools, and many smaller geysers.

iceland geysir iceland geysir

Seeing the Northern Lights

Most people visit Iceland just to see this beautiful and natural phenomenon. The best time to see these lights are in the winter when the weather is clear. It is most likely to find them from September to April. If one does decide to go hunting for the northern lights then it will sure be worth their time.

iceland northern lights

The Midnight Sun

If one gets a chance to watch the midnight sunlight the sky in different tones of pink and yellow then they will have had a beautiful experience already. This midnight sun lets one enjoy the long summer days of Iceland even more. It is out during summer months and the best place to see it would be near the Sun Voyager, or by Grotta, Reykjavik.

iceland midnight sun

These are a few of the things that should be on everyone’s bucket list. If they are planning tours to Iceland. What benefit will this have? Well, true sights to behold, memories and photographs that one can keep with them for years to come. Do share with me in the Comments some of your favourite things to do in Iceland.

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