7 Things to do in Paris

Paris, more commonly known as the world’s most romantic city, a fashion hub and a nexus of fine cuisine. Whether you’re going with a loved one, with family, friends or you’re simply on a solo trip; there are tons of things to do, numerous sights to see, and hundreds of things to experience. These are the top 7 things to do in Paris:

Eiffel Tower:

This one is a no-brainer, it’s Paris’ identity, the landmark that comes to mind when we hear the word Paris. The Eiffel Tower is to Paris, what the Statue of Liberty is to New York, it’s what the Big Ben is to London. It took French engineer Gustave Eiffel two years to make this landmark and was finally finished in 1889. It is truly breathtaking at night when the whole tower is highlighted in the sparkling display. The tower does its electric dance for 5 minutes every hour on the hour till 1 am. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city and should be on top of the list of things to see in Paris.

Eiffel Tower paris

The Love Wall:

If you have a soft spot for love, romance and all things mushy then this is the place to see. Its no surprise as Paris is known as the city of love would feature a mural, with “I Love You” written in over a hundred different languages. This makes for an excellent holiday snap and the perfect place to show your love to that special someone. The wall itself is the brainchild of Fredric Baron, who along with artists and calligrapher Claire Kito drew the mural back in the 90s. Today it attracts hundreds, if not thousands of couples and lovers of all things romantic every day where they take the opportunity to show their love for that special someone.

paris love wall

Palace of Versailles:

The Palace is one of the largest and rich castles in the world. Being a UNESCO’s World Heritage site, the palace is a must-see French landmark. Offering 250 acres of landscaped and manicured lawns and fountains, it offers a fine example of 18th-century French architecture and art making it one of the most visited attractions in France. The Hall of Mirrors, Chapel of Versailles, Grand Apartment, Versailles Garden and the Grand Trianon are some of the sights to see in the Palace.

Palace of Versailles

Louvre Museum:

Unquestionably one of the finest art galleries in the whole wide world, the Louvre Museum displays around 380,000 objects from pre-history to the 21st century, and over 35,000 works of art in 8 departments. The museum is the icing on the cake of French culture and is the most visited art gallery in the world. Classic works of arts ranging from the Mona Lisa to Venus de Milo.

Louvre Museum

Les Caves du Louvre:

The French are undisputedly some of the best wine connoisseurs in the world, so much so that we even use their word for the term. The Les Caves du Louvre Wine Tasting is the best way to help you learn the basics of wine; the colour, the flavours and smells of three wines from the Les Caves du Louvre cellar. The self-guided tour will teach you the tricks of the trade, wine tasting techniques, with an optional cheese platter. And to top it all off, at the end of the 1-hour long fun and educational course you get to take a free bottle home too.

Les Caves du Louvre

Notre Dame Cathedral:

The Notre Dame Cathedral is considered to be one of the best examples of French Gothic architecture in the world, and also the largest. Built in the 14th century, the gargoyles and stained glass windows that were added over time making it one of the most recognizable churches in the world.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Seine River Cruise:

And to top it all off, we have the Seine River Cruise where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the city of lights from the water. You’ll glide past many notable locations such as the Eifel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral, so if you want to experience multiple landmarks and spots at once, then this is the perfect place. The hour-long tour is the perfect way to spend a relaxed evening.

Seine River Cruise

These seven things give an absolutely amazing experience! We repeat do not miss these ever! What are your favourite things to do whilst in Paris?


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