7 things to do in Tenerife

This new year, many people will make plans to go on a vacation or a holiday to a variety of places. Some will be well-known, while others will be less travelled; and there’s a chance you’ll be one of these people. In case you’re making plans to travel and haven’t made up your mind yet as to where to go, I have the perfect place. I speak of none other than the largest and most populated island of the Canary Islands, Tenerife. Here are 7 things to do in Tenerife:


Visit a Volcano:

Ever wanted to visit a volcano? Well, now you can in Tenerife, presenting the Mount Teide. Not only is it a slumbering giant volcano, its is also Spain’s highest peak which rises 3718 meters above sea level to touch the sky. The sight is extraordinary, not only the mountain itself the major attraction but the view itself is breathtaking as well, as you can see the whole of Teide National Park from up top.

tenerife volcano

Take a dip in Garachico’s rock pools:

Following up on the volcanic theme we have another attraction which is a result of past activity, the rock pools at Garachico. It happened in 1706 when an eruption sent tow destructive molten rivers flowing through the town to fill the harbour with lava instead of ships. This caused a formation of pools for which hoards if visitors flock there. The depths of the pool vary; some are suitable whereas others will require you to have a good set of lungs to reach the bottom.

Garachico’s rock pools tenerife

Go Nuts at the Carnival:

Want to let loose? We have just the thing, but you’ll have to able to keep up with it. Presenting the carnival, which can only be described as big, brash, loud, colourful street parades and all-night street parties; it is exhilarating and good-natured fun and the biggest fiesta in the calendar. Takes place in either February or March and is held in Tenerife’s capital Santa Cruz.

tenerife Carnival

Discover a lost world at Masca:

And now take a break and discover this quiet little hamlet called Masca, the second you step here you’ll feel like you’ve reached a whole other world. You can’t help but feel that there’s something quasi-prehistoric about the place like you’re discovering a lost world. Its beauty makes Masca a tourist hotspot, so arrive late in the day to experience the hamlet at its best.

tenerife Masca

Roaming at a Romeria:

We make a return to fiestas but something’s different here. You’ll find that almost every historic town in the place holds a romeria at some point during the year. But what on Earth’s a Romeria? These are a type of a fiesta in which everybody puts on traditional clothes and elaborately decorates ox-drawn carts before taking it to the streets to hand out local goodies which include (but not limited to) gofio amasado  (these are savoury cakes of toasted grain flour mixed with honey and almonds), papas arrugadas (these are wrinkled potatoes), boiled eggs, vino del pais (this is a country wine) and juicy barbecued pork and beef fillets.

tenerife Romeria

Picnic in the Pines:

Take a breath, kick back and relax with a picnic in the pines, at zonas recreativas. Each Sunday, locals head over there for a picnic and a sing-along in the pine forest, where the trees are a welcome retreat from the sun in summer. All zongs recreativas have chunky picnic tables, stone barbecues, fresh spring water and toilets. Most people arrive laden with food, but you’ll find even the simplest of meals will feel like a5-star restaurant dining experience at the pines. If you want the facilities to yourself, go midweek.

tenerife Picnic in the Pines

Feast your eyes upon the thousand-year-old Drago tree:

No one actually knows how old is this tree exactly, some say its stood there for 5000 years, while others argue its been around for merely 650 years. No matter the age, it’s a fine specimen of a tree that was once said to have been sprouted from the blood of the slain dragons. The millennium Drago (as its mostly called) is the multi-crowned king of Canarian flora and will make for a great anecdote.

tenerife thousand-year-old Drago tree


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