Colombia is a country in South America. It is well known for its fascinating places such as Cartagena and its historical surroundings. Colombia attracts its tourist due to its biodiversity. “Colombia covers 10 to 12%  of world flowers and plants.” It has the highest amount of birds by area in this world.


In Colombia,  almost 90% of people speak in “Spanish” language and some people speak American English there.


The weather in Colombia is much hotter and sunny around the whole full year and almost cover all the country. The clear weather and the best time to visit Colombia is at the starting of December and March. The peak season of tourism falls in December and February. The rains season runs from November to December. The moderate temperature in this country is 14ºC – 20ºC.

Best island:

The best island in Colombia is “Rosario Island” which is located 45km away from Cartagena.


The currency used in Colombia is “Colombian peso ”.

One Colombian peso is equal to 0.00026 US dollar.

Visa Requirements:

Colombia Visa charges no fees for many US citizens that are US national. For visiting Colombia, all the tourists must have visa and tickets and also need to fulfil the requirements by holding a legal national passport, flight tickets,  and money for the purpose of residence and shopping, etc.


“Bogota” is the capital city of Colombia. It is well known for its beautiful buildings just like; Monserrate, Gold museum, plaza bolivar. Museo Botero is a museum for international art.

Top 5 places to visit in Colombia:

Rosario Island

Rosario island is almost 100 kilometre far away from Cartagena. It is considered to be one of the 45th natural national parks of Colombia. To reach on Rosario island, you can take a shuttle bus or boat from the port, it will take almost 45 minutes to reach a destination. Beautiful place to have some photography. Tip: To get some amazing pictures here, girls should wear some hats or put some light shades of lipsticks. The Weather on this island is good and rainiest weather starts from March to May and September to November. There is a private island that you can rent just like “Isla Rosa.” There is a huge people get-togethers on the weekend and public holidays.

Cocora valley

It is a valley that is well known for the natural park. It is located in the Andean mountains and Cocora was the name of a princess  that beautifully means “water star.” To go for the cocora valley visit you need to take a willy jeep that carries the tourist as well as local citizens. For the hiking, its trail is 7.7 miles long . There are lots of palm trees that gives a look as forest and it is well known as Colombia’s national tree.  Tourist visits Cocora valley all year around, its weather is very pleasant with having a temperature from 12 degree Celsius to maximum 25 degree. The main thing about entering cocora valley is not free, it will charge 3 Colombian pesos at the entrance and 3 Colombian pesos at leaving. When you visit this place, bring some food with you, because there are no such place to buy and eat. Wear or take the raincoat along with you, as there are so many trees and weather was highly humid, so it rains almost everyday. It’s the best place for picnic and family to get together parties.

San Andres

San Andres is a Colombian island. It is well known for its rhythm and music. It is much expensive compare to the mainland of Colombia. The food and accommodation expenses are high. It considered being a Diving and swimming point for the tourist. There are beaches, sea foods and palm trees that makes this place more attractive. For reaching this place you can take car/bus/train, which means several public transport options are available. Coconut milk and fish are the best selling food of this island.

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