Top 7 Perfect Skiing Destinations you must visit

There is no other adventure sport more satisfying than gliding down the hill  on vast fields of snow! Besides an adventure sport, skiing is ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience everyone must have. Started as a recreational, Winter and Professionals only Sport, Today, anyone can enjoy skiing in almost every season, in Artificial Parks and  ‘Snow-Worlds’.  Despite of its popularity,  there is  rather a huge difference between Artificial, indoor Ski Parks, and Natural Skiing experience. While natural skiing experience can be Daring and Gallant  , it can easily become Dangerous. Hence,  it is important to have a fine blend between Leisure, Safety, and Adventure, so you have a pleasant time and don’t have to watch ‘Man vs Wild’ before leaving!

Here are our Top 7 picks for Perfect Skiing Destinations you must visit.


ski alaska

Largest state of America, Biggest Snow terrain on northern Hemisphere and home to Eskimos, Alaska is Undoubtedly our First pick for ideal Skiing Trip. Weather, Stability, Lots of Skiing Hotspots make Alaska ideal for Family/Adventure skiing.
You can easily grab a flight to anchorage, from here on you can rent a car/Ferry or choose another flight to reach to your Destination. Direct ferries to Alaska are available from Washington. For true adventure seekers, rent a car and travel all the way to Alaska!
Must Visit Places: Juneau, Turnagain Pass, Valdez, Haines, Cordova and Famous Alaska Range.  Cordova is best suited for Professional, Dedicated skiing trips, focusing more on Leisure than Adventure.
Accommodation:  Alaska is perfect for both family and Adventure Trips, you can find a good resort . For high-end Skiers, there are more than 2000 Sq Miles of Private terrains to explore.
Food: Your journey is incomplete without eating freshly caught Wild Salmon or Halibut. Depending on your accommodation, you might get a wide variety of Food, Ranging from international cuisine to Traditional Alaskan dishes.

The Alps

alps skiing

Alps are long known among Climbers and Adventure Enthusiasts, they also serve a perfect destination for skiing trips. Especially in western Europe. Switzerland has some of the best skiing Resorts, which offer great combination of  Leisure and Adventure. Switzerland is recommended for Newcomers to Medium Experienced skiers.
Must Visit Places:
French Alps, Swiss Alps, Italy, and Austria. Chamonix is perfect  alternative for Alaska, ideal for Skiing.
Hotels and Resorts range from a few hundred Dollars a week to Thousand dollars a night.
Enjoy french Boulangerie, Swiss cheese, and Warm Bread!


antartica skiing

Southernmost Continent of Earth, Mostly covered in Miles of Thick Ice and Snow, Rich with Exotic wildlife and Scientists , Antarctica is one of the toughest destination to reach. Ideal for Pure adventure seekers and Experienced Skiers.  Untouched from Pollution and changes for millions of years, Antarctica offers Unmatched Skiing experience.
Must Visit Places: ‘Kodak Alley’,’Drake Passage’
almost every place in Antarctica is Skiable, some are relatively harder than others, suited only for professionals.
Do not expect a luxurious 7 star Resort, unless you join a tour company, you will have hard time finding good accommodation since most of the Housing is privately owned. Most tours do provide a Good 5-star experience.
Glass of Chilled Scotch with Fresh Antarctic ice, with hot Grilled Fish!

The Himalayas

himalayas skiing

Alps of Asia, Home to Tallest ‘Mount Everest’, extremely rich in Culture and Scenic Landscapes, Himalayas are best suited for Budget Ski trips. Accommodation and food is extremely cheap in the region. Scenery is pleasant and heavenly.
Himalayas is known as “Valley of Gods” because most of the Rivers in the region emerges from it, also it serves as Food reserve for locals and Wildlife. You can get to New Delhi via flight and then take local trains or buses to reach Himachal Pradesh, where Himalaya starts.
Must Visit Places: Tibet,
India, Bhutan, Nepal. If Himalayas are the alps of Asia than Bhutan is definitely its Switzerland. This small country is still ruled by Monarchy and has the most happy population in the world. People have preserved their Exotic wildlife from centuries and environmental rules are very strict.  Tibet has one of the purest Air and environment. While Kullu valley in India has one of the best environment for skiing.
Accommodation:  You can easily get luxurious Hotels in Nepal and India, but they are hard to come by in Bhutan and Tibet. You can rent a room in just under 50$ per night.
Due to cultural variety in Himalayas, you can enjoy Classic spicy Indian food, Nepali, Chinese and even North-Eastern Traditional food. All of these food are mouth-wateringly delicious and Tasty. Alcohol consumption is tabooed in some regions, but you can easily find good quality Scotch or Wine in Good restaurants.
Himalayan apples are famous for their rich red color and exotic taste.

American West

american west skiing

Famous for its snow consistency, beautiful weather, ski culture and diverse mountain ranges,  the American west is one of the best regions too for Unique skiing experience. Jackson hole, Tahoe, and the Watch are very popular among Leisure tourists.
Must Visit Places:
Jacksonhole, Mt. Baker, Bridger Bowl, San Juan’s. The Sierra Nevada is a must visit place for first timers.
American west might prove to be bit expensive compared to other destinations in the list. You can easily find the best accommodation options or even Private jets for transportation.
Local sushi and glass of chilled beer in a hot tub! Major food items are easily available.


argentina skiing

Chile is famous for having one of the best snow in southern hemisphere. Gigantic andes attracts millions of tourists each year.  Relatively flat steeps make Andes ideal destination for New Skiers and Family trips.  Chile/Argentina are also extremely cheap and offer great Skiing experience.  Chile and Argentina are ideal for NonHardcore Skiers, you can easily visit a bunch of places along with your skiing holiday.  You can enjoy delicious  gourmet meals, massages and leisure travelling alongside Skiing.
Must Visit Places:
Las Lenas, Bariloche, Portillo.
Transportation, Food, and accommodation are dirt cheap. You can have the best Luxury travel experience on a good budget!

Western Canada

western canada skiing

Western Canada is gear towards more of Adventure seekers, who prefer exploring natural terrain for skiing. Western Canada is best alternative of antarctic, due to its increasing connectivity and proximal to major Habitats. Western Canada is relatively safer than Himalayas, Alps, and Antarctica.
After reaching Vancouver, you can easily rent a car or join a  tour for skiing.
Must Visit Places:
Whistler-Backcomb, Pemberton, Red Mountain, Roger’s pass.
You can easily find shared hostels near skiing hotspots, or get luxurious hotels with ease. Locals are extremely friendly and helpful.
Beer! Western Canada is famous for some of best home-brewed beer.


There are plenty of ski areas near Boston — and several are as close as 30 minutes away.  Depending on your expertise and time, you can find all types of terrain, large and small mountains, within a few hours drive of Boston.  You have 4 states to choose from, including Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.


Must Visit Places: (VT) Okemo Mountain, Killington, Stowe Mountain Resort, Jay Peak, Stratton, Mount Snow, (NH) Bretton Woods, Loon Mountain, Waterville Valley, (ME) Sunday River, Sugarloaf.

AccomodationsHotels, B&Bs, AIRBNB options and higher end Resorts are all readily available at a variety of price points.

Food: Most resorts feature lodges and on-mountain food areas.  Larger mountains feature a wide variety of restaurants.

Of course, there are many Skiing destinations which were not covered in this list. Which one did we miss? Which one is your favourite?  Do let us know in the comments.


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