Top 7 Romantic Destinations In Europe To Fall In Love

With an interesting blend of history and distinguishing modern life, Europe is undoubtedly an incredibly romantic destination. Europe has a great history as it has been a part of various historical events and has a strong relationship with art that is quite evident in its unique culture and unrivalled architecture.

The blend of its rich past with modern is so beautiful that it plea to all those who are looking for a romantic holiday. So, without any further delay, let me discuss some of the best romantic destinations in Europe.


With its striking architecture, beautiful canals, and cobbled streets, there is no doubt that Bruges tops my list of the best European romantic destinations. The best thing about this place is that it is also a chocolate capital of the world. There are so many chocolate shops here in Bruges and you will surely come across one while you are wandering in the city.

If you love chocolates, you will surely cherish your visit to Choco-Story museum. This is the place where you will learn about the history of cocoa production and get to taste world’s finest chocolate. Stroll through the Market Square, stop at one of the many cafes and admire the stunning Belfort. Visit Pomperlut to enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner, you will be served delicious Belgian cuisine.

Travel towards the south to visit Minnewaterpark or Lake of Love. It is said that if you walk over the lake bridge along with your partner, you will experience eternal love. Enjoy the natural scenery of the lake bridge and enjoy a leisure stroll through the Minnewaterpark hand in hand.


If you really want to recreate a scene from one of your favourite romantic movies, then you need to take a ride on the oldest Ferris wheel in Riesenrad in Vienna. There is nothing more romantic than watching the sunset, you can watch it behind the rooftops in the late afternoon and watching Prater amusement park, all lit up, during the night, has a charm of its own. Afterwards, both of you can enjoy a Viennese pastry at Café Central. Enjoy having a romantic stroll at Schloss Schönbrunn, a grand palace surrounded by lovely gardens.

When you are done exploring this beautiful city’s attractions, head away to Demel Coffee House to enjoy hot chocolate and baked foods. You can also pick gourmet souvenirs such as cakes, confectionary, chocolates, their packing make them more attractive. You can visit Spanish Riding School which continues the rich history of equestrianism. You can watch the riders train their horses to the classic Viennese music.



It is the hometown of Rome and Juliet, so this place naturally becomes romantic. You can also visit the representation of the imaginary Juliet’s balcony at Casa Di Giulietta, where you can see the love letters crammed into the walls. Enjoy a concert or opera in a Roman amphitheatre, Arena Di Verona. Visit the oldest piazza – Piazza Erbe and you can take the pictures of Renaissance buildings and other striking Roman architecture.

Take a trip to the Verona’s archaeological museum, Verona Arena, and Museo Lapidario Maffeiano. Well, since there is romance in the air, take some time out and take in the natural romantic ambience all around you. You can stop by various coffee bars and enjoy the best of Italian coffee. Have dinner at one of the riverside osteries. Taste wine at one of the oldest wineries of Verona, Osterio Sottoriva. Make sure you have tasted Italian gelato while you enjoy the sunset from Castel San Pietra.



Known for its Northern Lights, volcanoes, and hot springs, Iceland is certainly one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Enjoy having a picnic at Kirkjufell mountain and the beautiful waterfalls will surely make your picnic a remembrance. You can enjoy Iceland’s oldest and natural geothermal pools. Enjoy the excitement of exploring the ice in the Vatnajökull glacier.

Gjan is the place known for lush green grass and waterfalls falling from all directions. This place has so many waterfalls, see how many both of you can find, it will be fun. Godafoss is the most beautiful and picture-perfect waterfall in Iceland. You can spend some time strolling around the waterfall and enjoying the natural surroundings from all angles. If it is comfortable for you, then make sure you come here during the sunset, trust me you won’t regret your decision. Seeing blue water at Grjótagjá is an unforgettable experience. When you have explored Northern Iceland, make sure you spend some time here.

Surrounded by a national park, Snaefellsnes Peninsula is the perfect place to see the birdlife, you can also try hiking, and there are small fishing villages as well. Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and nearby beach offers you perfect opportunity to escape the madness of the city life and enjoy some private moments with your loved one.



Being a beautiful Mediterranean island, you will have plenty of opportunities for romance. Enjoy a romantic stroll from Sliema to Tigne Point Bridge while you take in the gorgeous natural beauty of the beautiful harbour city – Valetta. Striking Baroque architecture, such as St. John’s Co-Cathedral, seaside location, glamorous & lively atmosphere adds on to the overall charm of Valetta City.

If you want to enjoy serenity, then you need to move to Mdina also known as the Silent City of Malta. The total population of Mdina is 300 and it is a great place to enjoy each other’s company. Malta is also popular for its archaeological and historical sites. During the night, this Silent City is being lit by the lamps, making the atmosphere more romantic. Barrakka Gardens is known for its greenery and you can take the aerial view of the garden from the upper garden.

Malta offers so many places where you get to enjoy snorkelling or scuba diving. Once you dive in, the clear blue waters and the beautiful fishes will surely take your breath away. Dingli Cliffs, the highest point of Maltese Islands, offers you a perfect opportunity to enjoy a beautiful sunset. You can take a seat at the chapel dedicated to Mary Magdalene and watch the sun paint the sky with vibrant colours.



This Italian city is one of the romantic destinations in the world. In the evening, the city turns into a heaven and I am sure you will surely enjoy a leisure walk with your partner. And you can also sit at one of the many beautiful bridges watching the sunset. The city has so many beautiful gardens, such as Bardini Gardens, where you can spend your time and since it is located at the top of the hill makes it more romantic and incredible. Enjoy dinner at Cacio Vino, this place only has 3 tables, so it offers a very cosy atmosphere and Italian food served here is amazing.



This place attracts lovers from different parts of the world. The place is popular for its iconic white villas making it look like a heavenly paradise. This place is best explored on a hired scooter, this gives you the freedom of stopping and clicking the nature at its best along with the green surroundings. You can enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the beautiful restaurants and the only thing that makes it interesting is that it is located at the edge of the Caldera.

Happy young couple on Santorini island, Greece

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