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When a hobby you really enjoy is slowly becoming your profession, then you can say you are a happy and fulfilled man. Travelling is my hobby and has been many years and I truly believe it will never be too much for me (at least I hope so). After circumnavigating the Globe and visiting numerous countries all over the world I decided to start a travel page called Kevin’s Travel Diary. The page has been going for more than a year and I have constantly kept it updated with my latest adventures. It seems people started to like it and the number of followers has constantly been growing.

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So What’s Next?

All of this has made me think about the future. With more than 30.000 followers on my blog and a vast experience in traveling all around the world, I started to wonder: What now? Is this all or can I do something more? Well, it would be a shame to be satisfied with the current state. That is not me, I am the type of man who always wants more adventures and more possibilities. If it was different then I would probably never go to all of those places I have actually been to. It would be enough for me to visit just a few places and I would never have gone to destinations such as North Korea, Somaliland, Harar, etc. Then it hit me, I could help people discover the true beauty of going on a journey!

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Kevin A Tour Guy?

Well, yes and no. Being a tour guy is a great call and an awesome experience. But I can’t imagine myself waiting for the tourists at one location and telling them the same story 100 times. No, that is not me, I need something more dynamic. So I have come up with an idea: instead of waiting for the people to ask me for a tour I would approach them and invite them to travel with me. It would not be a usual tour of a couple of hours but a complete 7-day adventure.

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Those ideas lead me to a unique travel brand called Fare Voyager whose vision of how voyages and tours should look was exactly the same as mine. They want to create unique travel experiences with a strong, social impact and mission. You would not just travel to a country or a place but also socialize and interact with local communities. The best part of the story is that 10% of all of the profits from these tours are invested as a support for poverty alleviation projects. Luckily, they are always open for experienced adventurers with a clear vision. All I was supposed to do now is to find a cool destination.

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Indonesia Here We Come

My choice was Indonesia, a country I admire for its beauty, amazing culture and interesting history. The tour length is seven days and the schedule of activities goes like this:


Day 1:

The day you arrive in Jakarta, get ready and get plenty of rest for the week ahead of us. Of course, you will be picked up from the airport by the Fare Voyager team.

Day 2:

Wake up early, grab breakfast – (you will need your energy for the adventures that lay ahead). After breakfast, we are going to the airport to catch a plane to Yogyakarta.

We will arrive early afternoon, then we head straight to Sambisari and Prambanan Temples. These are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, they are perfect for the true explorer. A chance to see some of the most magnificent historic structures in Asia.

Later in the evening, our event-packed day will continue with a night hike and climb up Mt. Merapi. It is an all night hike that will allow us to watch the beautiful sunrise from the summit. The following day, we’ll head back to Yogyakarta.

Day 3:

You’ll return to Yogyakarta at around 11 pm and have the rest of the day free for relaxing or exploring.

In the evening, we are going to the Ramayana Ballet. Based on an ancient Hindu love story, this performance is staged against the silhouette of Prambanan Temple. Another impressive view and an incredible experience.

Day 4:

The 4th day is definitively the hottest part of the tour since we are heading to Goa Jomblang Caves. You have to be lowered 60 meters over the edge of a cliff into a deep sinkhole to actually reach it. After that, we will have to continue our trek for another 50 meters underground to eventually reach Grubug Cave.

Day 5:

On the last day in Yogyakarta, you will be one of the privileged few to watch the sunrise from the top of Borobudur Temple. Also, you’ll visit the water palace of the Sultan of Yogyakarta and the Kraton Museum. After this, we will head back to the airport and back to Jakarta. Once we are there, there will be enough time for you to enjoy the rest of the night at leisure.

Day 6:

Wake up in the morning for an early breakfast at 7 am, and then have a private, 1-hour education session with our influencer (who happens to be a very nice guy called Kevin). I (the nice guy called Kevin) will teach you about one of the many skills gained during the years of roaming around our beautiful planet!

After this session, we’ll be transported to a local NGO and volunteer for 6 hours with the organization! Learn about what they do, build friendships with the kids, and teach them about health and the environment.

Day 7:

Your day is free, and many of you will depart back home in the evening. If you are sticking around, I will hook you up with some local tours that will get you better acquainted with Jakarta.

That is the schedule of a really, really cool and noble trip to Indonesia. Nice country, nice people and a very cool guide are all you need. So there is not much to tell about the idea except for this: Be cool and Come travel with Kevin’s Travel Diary!

When is this tour and how do I book?

The tour dates are 6th – 13th January 2018

You Can book here

So what does this cost?

The cost of the tour is $1450 (around £1130)

What is included?

Almost everything,

  • Domestic Return flights
  • Breakfast lunch and dinner each day
  • Accommodation
  • Entrance to the caves
  • Entrance into the Ballet
  • Entrance into all the temples
  • Airport transfers
  • Transportation
  • Hike
  • Volunteer work with an NGO
  • You’ll also get assistance with booking your international flight with the Fare Voyager flight expert
  • A chance to compete in our competition and win $200

Yes, I’m definitely coming on this trip. Book here

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