How And Why I Blog

After thoroughly enjoying building a website for a local company Tibbs Farm, it wasn’t long before I decided to open my own travel diary page. The reason I started blogging was simple: I began to write and build a website for the sheer fun of it, no thoughts of pursuing my hobby as a career in mind. As surprising as it may seem I wasn’t even looking for any followers! The site was built as a sort of diary for myself, to store my thoughts and memories in the form of pictures and information.

I travel ALOT, and my friends were always asking me about my adventures while visiting an exotic country… where did I go, what did I do, what did I learn and enjoy the most, and of course at the very end what did I bring as souvenirs for them? After a while, I thought why not create an easily accessible place where they can experience my travels for themselves? It would be as much for their enjoyment as mine. Hence, my blogging journey began.

how and why I blog

Despite my simple intentions, pretty soon followers started to trickle in… at first fifty, then a hundred, after which I stopped noticing. That’s when the idea of creating a Facebook page popped up: I began to share my new posts to keep everyone up to date, and before I knew it a considerable following had gathered. My next venture was to open an Instagram account to better store my photos and then – you guessed it – a Twitter profile for my travels as well. I’ve been trying for Pinterest too, but it’s going a little slower due to my other ventures.

My blog turned out to be a source of peace and relaxation for me, and an incredibly enjoyable place for my friends, even random strangers who happened to stumble across it – by then, I was absolutely delighted with my decision to write!

Blogging has now become my most treasured hobby – I love writing about my travels and sharing my experiences with the world. However, I have to admit I enjoy the site-building part as much as I do the writing.

blog Post

In my moments of downtime, my followers and writing keep me company – there’s always someone to talk to, a comment to reply, a photo to share… I’m blessed to have such amazing people liking my work. When I’m lonely I can always rely on my media pages to pick me up; I’m grateful for that.


You might think that I get paid to write – I honestly don’t! Lots of people have come up to me with offers of advertisement and sponsorship… aside from accepting a minimum fund to run my blog and the odd sponsor, I end up refusing them all. Blogging for me is just an enjoyable hobby and I want to keep it that way for now. I hope to maybe make enough to plan for a holiday once a year… but other than that I have no plans to annoy my followers with unnecessary and distracting advertisements.

How long do I plan to blog for, you ask? Well, I hope to keep going until I’ve written about all the countries I’ve visited. I’d like to include every funny story and little detail about my numerous adventures, so that my readers don’t miss out any part of my journey. There’s so much content to put into each article… I talk about how I reached my destination, where I stayed, the places I visited, cuisine, and these are just the basics. There’s much more to include which makes each post original and interesting to read. On top of that there are also lots of photos which I incorporate into the post to make it more life-like. I’m going to continue until I’ve documented all my journeys this way. Till now I’ve done about thirty seven countries, but I’ve travelled to well over seventy six – so you can imagine that I have a long way to go (not even considering the places I’ll visit in the meantime)!


I do not know exactly when my writing became such a huge part of my life. These days, it’s my centre, my passion, my soul. I hope to keep on going and also encourage other young people to step forward into the world of blogging – trust me when I say, that once you start, you shall find yourself falling in love with the art.

Do you blog? if so then I would love to hear about how and why you started. If you don’t and have any questions about how and why  I blog then feel free to ask away. I’m here for any advice that I can give, I’m always happy to try and help anyone, anyway I can.