Zante – The Gem Of Greece

Greece is always a good choice for travelling because no matter what taste you might have, this country will simply mesmerize you. This might be so simply because Greece has absolutely everything: culture, nature and history, and even more. You can explore it for decades and still miss at least a dozen of top tourist destinations. But the one place you should not miss is the island of Zante. Make sure you put it high on your list of locations because you must visit as soon as you can.

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The Ionian Gem

Zante is an Italian name for a Greek island of Zakynthos which is one of the true tourist Meccas. Some Greek islands are well known for wild parties, and others are more family oriented. Well, Zante is somewhere in between which makes it perfect for all the visitors. It is the third largest island in the vast Ionian Sea, located some 20 miles from the Peloponnese peninsula. If you look it from the air, you will surely notice its distinctive shape which resembles the top of the arrow. Half of the island is covered with high mountains and cliffs and the rest is covered with fertile plains. The entire island is surrounded by amazing beaches which are the main reason tourists come here.

The only real city on the island is the Zakynthos Town but there are many small villages all around it. Despite that, there is a modern airport placed on the island which allows people from all around the world to reach Zante without any difficulties. Other means of transport to and from Zante are the regular ferry lines. Once you are there, you can explore the area by using the public bus lines. You can also rent cars or scooters since these are cheap and available on every corner. But renting a car might be a better idea, though, since the island is hilly and you will need something more powerful than scooters.

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The Rich Past

As most of the Greek islands and areas so does the Zante have a long and interesting past. It was inhabited by humans from the earliest times, and it was first mentioned in the Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. In the later period, Zante became the first democratic state in entire Hellenistic Greece, even before the Athens. After that, Zante was occupied by the Romans, the Byzantines, Venetians, French and British, and finally in 1864, the island became a part of the independent Greece. Unfortunately, Zante was almost completely destroyed in 1953 when a series of heavy earthquakes have struck the island. Only three building have survived its blows. The island was rebuilt in the following decades and today it is one of the major tourist attractions in the entire Greece.

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What Should You See?

Being a small island does not necessarily mean you can completely examine it and see all of its attractions. But some places you simply have to see. For example, the breathtaking Blue Caves placed in the north will show you the true beauty nature provided us with. Also, Cape Skinari is a part of this tour where you can see the most amazing panoramic view of the entire Zante. Be sure to bring a camera on this tour or you will be sorry for the rest of your life.

Zakynthos Town is a great place for spending your time. There are many bakeries and cafes where you can have a short break before roaming the town and its major attractions. The St. Dionysios Cathedral is the town’s landmark and one of the rare buildings that survived the terrible earthquake. There is an old Venetian Castle just above the town near the village of Bohali definitively worth visiting. You can still see the castle’s gate with the Venetian lion, plus the view of the town and island is simply incredible. You should check out the Byzantine Museum in the town too as well as the amazing Mansion of the famous Roma family.

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Lodging Capacities – Paradise For Visitors

Just like other Greek Islands, Zante offers various possibilities for your stay. And one may say that the hotels, resorts, villas, and houses are perfectly arranged all over the island, so you may well book any type of lodging anywhere on the island, except for in the hilly regions, of course. And again, accommodation providers will offer you the best possible service in order to make your stay on their island as pleasant as possible. Moreover, you will have the chance to find the best prices for accommodation. That is why even budget travellers very often decide to visit Zante during their vacation.

If you think of Zante as your possible destination for unpacking your luggage and sunbathing on the beach, then it is high time to get more information about the hotels, hostels, private accommodation as well as luxury accommodation. Every visitor yearns for a clean, spacious and well-furnished room with all the additional amenities, and that’s exactly what you will get in any of the suggested options.

Should you decide to save money of accommodation and this book a low price room or suite in one of the Zante’s hotels, then check out Hotel Castello Beach, Hotel Lestos, or Callinica Hotel & Apartments. They all have an excellent location and clean as well as spacious rooms, with caring staff who make sure that nothing will lack their guests. Hotel Castello Beach does not have a swimming pool but it is beachfront, so you may well sip your morning coffee from the balcony overlooking the sea. The other two hotels do have swimming pools, so in case you decide not to go to the beach, you may spend your day just being in the garden and having a short bath in the swimming pool.

In case you are in a search of a private lodging where you are given more freedom, as well as more responsibilities, such as the kitchen to cook and laundry to do, then think of Family Inn or Amoudi Studio Apartments. These cost from around $40 per night and they are more than affordable, especially if more people are traveling with you.
Zante is also well-known for its luxury lodging options. There are indeed numerous options for all those who are willing to pay more for the royal-like treatment while on a vacation. Hence, if you wish to enjoy all the benefits of the resorts, luxury villas and five-star hotels with all inclusive service, start your search right now because many of them are already entirely taken. However, we suggest you take a look at Zante Plaza Hotel & Apartments, Zante Maris Hotel, Filoxenia Hotel, Palazzo Di P Villa, Bozonos Villa & Spa and Cameron Villa. No matter which of these you might suggest, you will have unforgettable vacation and receive memorable service.

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Cuisine In Zante – One Reason More To Visit The Greek Island

Zante is among the rare places in Greece where you will have the chance to taste the authentic local cuisine, which is a must for all the gourmets coming to the island. Th Greeks simply enjoy the organic food, grown naturally and prepared domestically, and that is why anyone who comes as a guest will have the chance to eat like a Greek. The locals have always favored olive oil, fish, meat, tzatziki sauce, garlic and onion, eggplants and cheese and exactly these ingredients are mostly used when preparing different traditional meals.

So, don’t get back home without tasting the traditional moussaka – made from eggplants, bechamel sauce, and minced meat, pastitsio – baked pasta dish or skordostoumbi melitzana – which is a hundred cloves of garlic and eggplants dish. You will not only have the rich and large portions of these meals, but you will also enjoy the best taste ever.

And if you enjoy having desserts as well, have various fruit salads with yogurt or bought – puff pastry stuffed with cream and covered with icing sugar and cinnamon.

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Plenty Of Things To Do Besides Having Crazy Parties

Having different places to see, you will surely not feel bored while on Zante because there are also various activities you may attend either alone or with your friends and family.

One of the most famous excursions in Zante is the popular Zakynthos Shipwreck Excursion. It allows you not only to boat sail but also to explore the new sandy beach with a huge shipwreck. The sea is crystal clear and the beach allows you to have an excellent day full of sun and island research.

Apart from shipwreck excursion, you are also welcome to have a cruise for spotting the turtles. The activity is well-organized and people who get you to the place where you can spot turtles of all kinds will also provide you with the best possible service.

If you have children, you may take them to the Aqua Park in Zakynthos. There are countless water activities adjusted to the even youngest visitors.

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I hope I have given you all the essential information in this Zante guide for a fulfilling trip. If I have missed anything out let me know in the comments section below.

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