Zanzibar – The Island of Spectacular Beaches and Excellent Cuisine

Although there are millions of various destinations all over the world, it seems people usually pick the most popular ones such as France, Spain, Egypt, and so on. Such a move is rather unfortunate because you will never meet other exotic destinations such as, for example, Zanzibar. This beautiful island is a perfect place for spending a vacation, and many people have already started to recognise its attractions. Maybe if you knew a little bit more about Zanzibar, you would be ready to give it a try too. It is worth it, no doubts there.

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How To Find It?
Zanzibar is the largest island in the archipelago located on the west coast of Africa, surrounded by the fabulous Indian Ocean. There are also more than 50 small islands spread around the shores of the main island. They are all a part of the United Republics of Tanzania located on the African mainland. The name Zanzibar comes from Arab words that mean “Land of the Blacks”, and the other smaller island on the west is called Pemba or “The Green Island”. This colourful archipelago has beautiful and picturesque surrounding covered with marvellous sandy beaches and amazing coral reefs. There are no large wild animals on the island so you can explore its nature freely. This may be an excellent idea because you may have a chance to see some exotic species such as monkeys, bush-pigs and small antelopes. And maybe if you are super lucky, you might be the one to see the legendary and elusive Zanzibar leopard!
Reaching Zanzibar will not be a problem since you can choose whether to travel by plane or a boat. You won’t make a mistake choosing any of them so simply take what you enjoy more.
Zanzibar’s Amazing Past
Zanzibar has been a home to many various civilisations in its history, from the Assyrians to Sumerians and Egyptians, then Phoenicians, Indians and Chinese. And the list is not over yet because then the Persians came here and after them Portuguese, Omani Arabs, Dutch and finally the English. All of these nations have put their mark on the Zanzibar’s identity, but Arabs and Persians did the most, so today the island is predominantly Islamic. Christians, Hindus and Sikhs also live here giving Zanzibar a multicultural taste that makes it even more attractive. All of these influences can be best noticed in the unique language called Swahili which is a combination of Arab, German, French, Portuguese, Hindustani and English.
Zanzibar has always been an important trade centre, and its main export goods were the spices and ivory. For this reason, many famous traders and explorers used to live here, and some of the most famous were Stanley and Livingstone. However, the most famous person who was actually born in Zanzibar was Freddie Mercury, the legendary British singer.

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Zanzibar’s Main Attractions

Apart from beaches and incredible nature visiting Zanzibar’s historical centre called Stone Town is a must see destination. Its beginnings date back to the early 19th century, and it seems it was frozen in time because not much has changed since then. Stone Town is a mixture of winding alleys, bustling bazaars, beautiful mosques and splendid Arab houses which are particularly interesting. Namely, their original owners were competing for each other in making a more spectacular home so some of them are quite extravagant. You will surely notice the carvings in the massive wooden doors – they are all handmade and thus unique. Roaming through the labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys will be an amazing experience. But don’t forget your watch because time can really fly here and before you even notice the day will come to its end. And the best part of the story is that the Stone Town is still alive because people live here even today, so it is not a real museum.

You should not miss a chance to visit the local market where you can buy almost anything. Also, Livingstone’s House is a cool spot to check in, as well as The Arab Fort. The Peace Memorial Museum is a place where you will get all the information about Zanzibar’s rich and exciting history. You will also see and hear a bit more about the local customs and traditions, the way of living, and other small details that witness about the greatness of this exotic land.

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The Price of Accommodation Depends On Tourist Season

Travelling to Zanzibar can be a bit demanding job, since getting a desired type of accommodation may depend on various reasons. First of all, you should think well about the exact location of your accommodation. Zanzibar offers excellent hotels as well as hostels in the Stone Town and on the beaches. In case you want to investigate history and culture of people living in Zanzibar, then it would be suitable for you to book a hotel in Stone Town. On the other side, if you are a beach lover, then don’t hesitate to contact one of the various beach hotels. But what is more, the price of your accommodation is very frequently a deciding factor. It may be quite hard to comprehend the prices for your stay in Zanzibar at first, but then you realise that the amount depends on the tourist season. It is well- known that you may pay a little money for an excellent accommodation if you visit Zanzibar in a particular period of time, or the so- called tourist season. There are three tourist seasons in Zanzibar: low, high, and peak. Logically, the peak season will take you double the amount of money for your stay, unlike low and high tourist seasons. Of course, low tourist season would be the best solution since you are even allowed to bargain for a certain room or apartment you are to book in Zanzibar.

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Cuisine As Unbelievable Mixture of Different Countries

If you have ever thought of Zanzibar as a country worth visiting, then you must have heard that they have an excellent and delicious local cuisine. Since Zanzibar is itself a mixture of different countries, its cuisine is also a mix of Arabic, Portuguese and Indian cuisine styles. We all know how excellent these three can be, and if we combine them, we may get one of the best cuisines in the world. Hence, don’t you dare to visit Zanzibar and not taste the well- known Biryani dish. It contains rice and curry sauce, both of which are separately cooked and then put together. Visitors also adore the so- called Octopus Curry recipe. Since octopus is one of the most popular dishes on the island, its curry is eaten in streets as well as in fancy hotels. The whiff of Zanzibar will be brought by Mandazi dish. It is a version of a Swahili doughnut that is seasoned with a little cardamom. Street stalls are an inexhaustible source of the must- eat foods. One of the dishes found here is surely Mishkaki. It is a beef or chicken snack which is marinated in a magnificently well- made blend of spices and sauce. Cuisine in Zanzibar may surprise you with the world’s most amazing fruit, durian. However, you may find only during the season in Zanzibar. In addition, there are many, many more local cuisine dishes you can find in the streets or at the hotels. You just need to be adventurous enough, and you will be amazed by what Zanzibar has to offer.

Are There Any Activities in Zanzibar?

Apart from the already mentioned activities of finding out more about Zanzibar’s history, and culture, you may also find numerous additional activities you can do when on holiday. Since you are on an island, you may well go on diving or sailing. But, how about doing things you have never done before? We say yes. Hence, we recommend you to visit Nungwi. It is the largest village outside Stone Town, famous for its sailboat building. For that reason, it attracts many curious travellers who yearn to meet its local fish market, as well as the conditions and lifestyle. But what is more, perhaps the best adventure on your holiday trip would be the one on a dhow sailboat. It will not only show you remarkable sceneries of nature, sunset and the sun, but it will also allow you to spot some endangered species. The village also contains the famous Mnarani Turtles Conservation Park. Therefore, if you are a true lover of turtles, then you will not mind the entrance fee, which is a bit high. So, think well before deciding whether to enter or not.

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