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My site is on a journey, just like me and it’s a journey worth taking.

This site has been made as part of a hobby, it is a travel diary constructed by myself, providing fellow travellers with key information for a successful and fulfilling trip. Within this site, I share my personal experiences for those that may find it of interest or are simply looking for new countries to explore.

I hope this site will provide you with some new ideas and potential travel opportunities, giving you an insight into my adventurous and exciting lifestyle during my annual holiday leave.

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Somaliland – A Place To Find Peace And Hospitality

Somalia and tourism are not quite the words that usually go together in the last few decades. But Somaliland, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Although Somaliland is a part of Somalia, in many other aspects they are completely different.

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philippines surf

The Philippine Surfing Scene

Summer is coming and that means you have to start planning trips with your friends and make the most the sun has to offer. Thanks to places like Tablas Island resort it is so much easier to find accommodation in different beaches.

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great wall

Historical Wonders

Whether you liked History classes in High School or not, It is an integral part of Human Society and Civilization. Without making this post super boring, let’s quickly summarize why history is so important, before disembarking for a Journey through various Locations and Time!

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reasons to visit gambia

Reasons to visit Gambia

After deciding to finally have a vacation, the next thing is, where to go? Here are some reasons which would definitely make your mind to plan a vacation to Gambia.

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Cape Verde Sal fishermaan

Cape Verde Sal

When you hear the word Africa, the last thing you think about is the sea and the islands. Most of the people consider that Africa has only vast deserts and jungles but in fact, the black continent is much more diverse. So if you are up for a new type of African adventure then book yourself a ticket to the small country of Cape Verde.

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solo travel

Travel and Friendships

One of the things that keep people from enjoying their travelling experience, is the fear of going on alone. The fear is understandable but takes heart as your journey will not stay that way, as you’ll meet someone who will be your companion on the way.

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female koala and her baby in Australia

Australia Travel Planner

Sure, you can visit any of you nearest travel agencies and book a Vacation right away, but they are brutally Expensive and Hectic. In this Travel Guide, we will talk about how to spend two fabulous weeks in Australia, and have a Once-In-A-Lifetime-Trip!

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